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Facebook Creator Studio: Everything You Need to Know Tutorial

Facebook Creator Studio: Everything You Need to Know Tutorial

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Now, of course, Facebook is the largest social media company in the world, and we’ve been using it for years to get amazing results like…

millions of impressions,

millions of website clicks,

and millions of website sales.

And if you want results like these, or just amazing results from Facebook, then you have to be extremely organized and have a plan for success.

Now with the Facebook Creator Studio, you have a FREE resource that will help you schedule posts, study analytics, and much more.

And this is incredible. This alone will be one of the most valuable tools you can use in your Facebook and Instagram marketing strategy.

So keep on reading, because we’re going to go over everything you need to know about the Facebook Creator Studio in this post!

How Facebook Creator Studio Changed The Way We Do Facebook Marketing

Before we explore this Facebook Creator Studio, let us share a quick story.

This is so you have context about how powerful the Facebook Creator Studio can be for you.

We started our marketing agency in 2011, and at the time, there weren’t a lot of ways to organize social media content. So what did we do?

Well at first, we organized everything on our computers, like a hard disk, and then manually posted it to every social media platform.

So as you can imagine, there was NOT a lot of efficiency in our collaboration.

We had to constantly ask each other basic questions like, “Does anyone know the new Instagram password?”

And as an upcoming agency, you can probably imagine we wasted a lot of time on administrative tasks.

Then eventually, we started paying for resources to help us.

So we moved everything to the cloud with Google Drive and a social media software called Hootsuite to make things a bit more efficient.

And that helped out some, but we still had some inefficiencies and faced setbacks that prevented us from staying on schedule.

So, we still missed posting quite often, which is not good for your social media content strategy.

Because- a side note here- staying consistent on social media and maintaining momentum is so critical to your success.

So now with the Facebook Creator Studio, it’s like everything that you can dream of has been, well… created!

Facebook Creator Studio

So here’s what we’re going to talk about today.

We’re going to break down all the Facebook Creator Studio features like:

  • How to schedule posts on Facebook and Instagram?
  • Who can use Facebook Creator Studio? What are the different access levels?
  • How to manage multiple pages and assets using this tool?

But before anything else, let us just give you a general overview.

What is the Facebook Creator Studio?

So it’s a relatively new feature that was designed and created by the Facebook development team.

The purpose is to bring together all the tools you need to post, manage, monetize and measure all your Facebook and Instagram content.

Facebook Creator Studio

It also helps you get early access to new features and monetization as they become available.

So you can think of the Facebook Creator Studio as a social media business tool.

Pros And Cons Of Facebook Creator Studio

1. Facebook owns Instagram, so most of the features available in the Facebook Creator Studio also apply to Instagram.

Facebook Creator Studio

2. A very important thing to know is using Facebook Creator Studio is completely free.

And this is big because there is a lot of social media software online that charges you money to use, and they still lack as many features that you can get for free.

3. The main con to using the studio is that it only works for Facebook and Instagram.

So if you are trying to grow on LinkedIn or Twitter or somewhere, then you would still need to use another software to make this happen.

What Are The Features Of The Facebook Creator Studio?

There’s a lot of features you can use and here are some:

  • Create, Upload and Post Content

This is probably the greatest benefit of using Facebook Creator Studio.

Manually posting content just takes up a ridiculous amount of time.

So being able to schedule everything out, a week, a month, or longer in advance gives you so much more time and peace.

  • Get Important Business and Platform Updates

Anytime there is a new update, like the IOS 14.5 update, for example, you can get alerts and read about it from the Studio.

  • Content Library

This is another great benefit because now you can have all your content assets in one place.

So all your videos and images can be stored here and pulled to create content from later.

We were used to uploading into Google Drive, then downloading it… ONLY to go back and upload it again.

If you have to do this for 30 pieces of content, then you start appreciating being able to just upload things one time.

  • Get Insights

So if you want to see analytics, and your social media KPIs on how your page is doing, or you want to drill down to a specific post to see how that is working…

…you have some great reliable analytics with Creator Studio insights

  • Streamline Your Inbox/Messages

This one saves so much time.

And this is because, even with most social media software including Hootsuite, you still had to log into Instagram or Facebook to see direct messages.

But with the Facebook Creator studio, you can see everything right from one simple inbox. 

  • Monetization

Facebook Creator Studio

If you have an audience that is big enough, you can monetize your social media posts. And you can apply and control the settings from the Creator Studio.

  • Rights Manager

Facebook Creator Studio

You can protect your content from copyright infringement by using the rights manager feature.

  • Sound Collection

This one is cool because you can download free music and sound effects to add to your content if you want to spice things up here.

  • Manage Pages

Lastly, of course, you can manage all your pages in one place.

That’s why if you have multiple Facebook or Instagram accounts, it’s easy to keep tabs on all of them from the Facebook Creator Studio.

And so, those are the main features of the Facebook Creator Studio.

If you want to learn more about how to use each of these, then watch the video at the top of this post as we break them down, step-by-step.


So there you have pretty much everything you need to know about the Facebook Creator Studio in 2021.

How about you? Are you using it for your Facebook marketing? Why or why not?

If this is something that you want to explore, then be sure to read more of our posts about Facebook marketing strategy.

Or you can start with any of the Social Media Marketing Companies In New York City or you can check Social Media Marketing Companies or  Video Marketing Companies from our partner's website.