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School of Rush: Latest Guides and Tutorials

School of Rush: Latest Guides and Tutorials

Here at SEMrush, we are always developing new features for our users. Enroll in the School of Rush to stay on top of all the updates. 

Our Customer Success team continues to pump out new updates to the SEMrush user manual and create video tutorials to keep you updated on the newest improvements to our software!

The manual will walk you through how to use everything properly and the videos will show you examples of how these featureswork.

Listed below are some of the latest manuals and videos produced by SEMrush over the last month.

Use these to get a better understanding on some of the latest changes made to SEMrush reports.

School of Rush - Manuals 

Keyword Magic Tool User Manual

The Keyword Magic Tool is an amazing tool that helps you in dealing with the competitive world of SEO Keyword Research.

With the SEMrush Keyword Magic tool you are able to get a detailed look into different topics and subtopics in order to help you build out your perfect list of keywords.

Dive into our manual to find out how you can use this magical tool to drastically improve your keyword research.

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Social Media Tool User Manual

The SEMrush Social Media Tool allows you to comparesocial channels with your competitors.

With this tool you are able to determine how your social media campaigns are comparing with your competitors.

SEMrush allows you to analyze your data for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Youtube and Instagram.

This manual can help inform you of what exactly your users are looking for when it comes to their social media content, as well as which of your posts are performing the strongest.

My Reports User Manual

Client reporting is a huge part of successful digital marketing.

Luckily SEMrush allows you to create perfect reports that can be used to gather prospective businesses and clients.

The SEMrush My Reports tool lets you drag and drop multiple reports from SEMrush into a tailored PDF that can be easily delivered.

These reports can also be used as great visuals to provide your clients on their campaign status's or to display growth in traffic.

Take a look at our expansive My Reports manual to get a better understanding of how to maximize this tool.

Lead Generation Tool User Manual

The Lead Generation Tool with SEMrush will help send deliverables to your potential clients to entice them to become one of your customers.

The Lead Generation tool is an easy to use free widget that can entice visitors on your site to leave their contact info giving you the chance to close on that lead.

To learn more about this easy to use tool, check out our in depth manual. 

SEO Content Template User Manual

The SEO Content Template is a lightning-fast tool that gives you a template for creating SEO-friendly content around your target keywords.

With this tool you can enter a keyword into our search bar and SEMrush will analyze the best optimized content ideas based on your Google Top 10 rivals for that specific keyword.

Dig deeper into how to use the SEO content template with our manual. 

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School of Rush - New Videos

Organic Traffic Insights Overview

The new Organic Traffic Insights tool is a great tool that you can pair with your Google Analytics account.

The Organic Traffic Insights Tool allows users to ability to analyze the most accurate data possible.

This tool combines reports from both Google Analytics as well as Google Search Console to provide you with information on everything regarding your SEO.

Take a look at this Quick Tips video to learn more about our Organic Traffic Insights tool!

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Keyword Magic Tool

The SEO Keyword Magic Tool is a wonderful tool that helps make the world of SEO Keyword Research that much easier.

This tool is perfect to help you further build out your complete keyword profile.

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Learn To Use API (Analytics)

Our API is perfect for users who are looking to use are data but do not want to gather it through our interface.

Check out this short tutorial video to get a better understanding of what exactly SEMrush API is. 

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Site Audit Tutorials

The SEMrush Site Audit Tool is a website crawler that crawls your domain in search of errors.

The tool will reveal issues on any website related to crawlability, content, links, coding, and other SEO issues.

Site Audit is the perfect tool to make sure you're website is maintaining the best possible site health.

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Backlink Tutorials

Getting high quality backlinks to point back to your site is one of the building blocks of SEO.

It’s more likely that a website with 20 trusted backlinks will rank bettercompared to a site with 100 backlinks, but from mostly spammy sites.

With SEMrush Backlinks Research, users can analyze any website's backlink profile.

School of Rush - Blog Posts/PDF Guides

PPC Checklist

Understanding the best practices when it comes to a PPC campaign can mean all the world to you when optimizing your SEO.

Luckily for you, SEMrush is here to help you get the most out of a perfectly planned PPC campaign.

You can now download our easy 4-step guide to help walk you through the steps to setting up your killer PPC campaign.

You can also check out our full post on this process.

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Keyword Research Checklist

Similar to aforementioned PPC checklist, SEMrush also offers you this same resource for identifying specific target keywords.

This is perfect for those who are running PPC campaigns, SEO campaigns or both.

You can view this helpful checklist by checking out our blog post.

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