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SEO Keyword Research In 2023: A Complete, Step-By-Step Guide Anyone Can Use To Find High-Value Keywords

SEO Keyword Research In 2023: A Complete, Step-By-Step Guide Anyone Can Use To Find High-Value Keywords

This is your definitive guide to SEO keyword research in 2023. 

Here you will find:

  • Actionable tips on how to come up with keyword ideas
  • The best free and paid tools to measure your keywords’ performance
  • Tactics to help you identify the right keywords for your SEO content
  • Guide to placing your carefully selected keywords
  • Keyword mistakes that can harm your SEO

To kick this guide off, here are the key trends that will inform the winning keyword strategies in 2021:

Long-tail Keywords Are Becoming More Popular Than Ever

As search engines get smarter and are able to understand complex queries, people tend to use longer search phrases. 

Not only are they rising in popularity among searchers, but more and more SEOs are targeting them too due to their light competitiveness. Namely, 92% of all long-tail keywords get 10 or fewer searches per month. 

Unlike short keywords that are very broad, with long-tail key phrases searchers can easily find the solution or answer they are looking for. 

What’s more, in 2021, long-tail keywords and voice searches will change the way we do SEO.  

Almost 50% of web users make a voice search when looking for a product, using 7+ words to do so.  

LSI Keywords Are Becoming Almost As Important As Focus Keywords

One of Google’s latest algorithm updates, BERT, focuses on analyzing individual words and their order. This update helps Google understand the content better and provides more relevant search results. 

This is where LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords come in handy. They are closely tied to the focus keyword and help search engines to determine the quality and relevance of the search terms as well as the content on websites.   

Google’s Featured Snippet Is Targeting Complex Question Keywords

Instead of simple queries, Google now targets more complex question key phrases and provides answers for the websites themselves. 

According to WordSteram’s research, some of the most popular question keywords are: 

  • What’s a good [benchmark/metric] for [process/industry]? 
  • How to [increase/improve] [benchmark/metric]?
  • How to find X?

Download the complete guide at the following link SEO Keywords