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7 Modern Rules of Content Marketing

7 Modern Rules of Content Marketing

Why is content marketing so important? Why do expert marketers suggest using content marketing for both startups and well-established businesses?

Content marketing is one of the best ways to generate quality leads and increase audience engagement, sales, and business growth. That's a fact.

In a survey, the Chief Content Officer of Curata found that 60% of companies are planning to recruit an executive who will be responsible for overall content marketing strategy by the end of this year.

However, several companies are still not getting benefits of content marketing because they are still following outdated methods that are worthless to use. If you are not getting the desired results from your content marketing, it means you're not doing it right and you need to change your strategy.

Here are seven brands who are successfully using modern rules of content marketing.

1. Coke

Provide creative content

Coke is a leading soft drinks company. It always tailors its marketing strategy to its consumers. It carries a purpose in its marketing and communication. The way Coke engages with its audience makes it stand out. 

This leading drink company brilliantly knows how to emotionally connect with its audience. They believe in delivering creative content.

Their “Share A Coke” in 2014 campaign was outstanding, and people still love it. It increased their soft drink sales 2%, and #shareacoke became a number one trending topic on social media.

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The word which they used in their campaign was a powerful call-to-action.

You can learn the following tactics from Coke:

Produce creative content. Emotionally engage with your audience.Tailor your content marketing to your visitors. Let consumers be a part of your success.

2. Apple

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Here is a brand who knows how to do storytelling without being overcomplicated. 

The most powerful way to reach consumers is to make a simple website, sales copy, or ads. It helps them to make a wise decision quickly. Companies who keep consumer decision-making simple and efficient see 80% more sales than those who don't.

Usually, a standard American views 250 to 1000 ads per day. It's not easy to keep pace with them. Apple is a great example of simplicity in advertising. 

Have you ever seen their Mac versus PC ads? They featured two men simply standing and talking in front of a white background.

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They didn't even mention the price. Apple teaches us that each ad should have a single purpose. In this case, that Mac is better than PCs.

3. Nike

Identify the needs of your audience

What comes to your mind when you hear "just do it"? It reminds you of Nike, doesn't it? Nike has made this phrase familiar to everyone.

This multinational company found out that traditional ads didn't engage their clients, and they were not able to find what they were looking for. So, it only spent 33% of its marketing budget on traditional marketing and moved forward with content marketing. It considers its customers’ interests first and believes a product that benefits them personally is easy to optimize.

Want to increase your product demand? Recognize your consumer's requirements first.

Nike knows what they are selling and believe in it. It motivates and inspires people to do more. Their "Can't into Can" campaign was the largest women's campaign ever.

It cleverly adopts new technology like social media. Take a quick glimpse at the following stats to see how well they are doing on various social media platforms:

Instagram - Nike has 14 million followers on Instagram. Twitter - Nike has 5.8 million followers on its official Twitter account. Facebook - Nike has 2.2 billion followers facebook.

Nike understands how to use social media for branding.

Here are the following tactics we can learn from Nike:

Recognize the needs of your consumers. Figure out what is the best way to engage with your clients. Produce interesting content that directs audience needs.

4. SEMrush

Provide Beneficial Resources

The success of a business relies on how well you understand your user’s problem and what solutions you can provide. 

SEMrush understood bloggers' problems and created the most cost-effective SEO tool. SEMrush is a leading software providing company. Their SEO tool is the most recommended tool for professionals. It is one of the best tools for webmasters who want to analyze their website to create a purposeful strategy for their marketing plan.

The team at SEMrush understands how to keep their prospects and clients happy.

Here are their qualities which set them apart from their competitors:

Be proactive - They reply to every single question people ask even if they are not their customers. Quality customer support. Provide helpful resources (SEMrush Chat, Blog, Webinar, etc.) They believe in educating their audience. You can use the SEMrush SEO tool to find competitors' ranking keywords.

5. Maybelline 

Understand the power of Social Media

Social media is a powerful platform for marketers and companies.

However, only a few companies know how to use it. Maybelline is one of them. Maybelline New York is a 100-year-old makeup and beauty products company. When the Instagram video feature was introduced, Maybelline was one of the first brands to utilize it. 

Maybelline found social media to be the best platform for inspirational storytelling.

It creates unique content for each social media platform, such as a channel of ‘how to’ videos on YouTube. They believe in perfection. Hundreds of pieces of content were created and shot for the website, including videos, gifs, photos, and illustrations. They shared them all over the major social media channels. 

If you are using social media for marketing, then you must learn what works best for each social media website.

Maybelline knows what type of content should be delivered on each social media platform.

6. Red Bull

Entertain your audience through your content

I guess no one can do this better than Red Bull. Brands are struggling to increase their worldwide audience. They are consistently creating new content for their consumers.

On the other hand, Red Bull is the first brand who creates content its users actually search for. The brand entertains its audience on Red Bull TV. It broadcasts extreme sports videos, cultural events, lifestyle content, and music programming.

Red Bull TV is free for everyone to watch on their laptop, tablets, and mobile devices.

The energy drink company doesn't force its audience to buy the product. Red Bull treats its audience like friends and makes them feel special. Its users love this feeling and enjoy doing exciting activities with their favorite brand.

Red Bull cares about its users and they care about its business. It's their secret content marketing weapon that never fails.

7. Dominos

Be transparent with your customers

How do you keep your consumers interested in your product? The simple answer is to be honest, provide the best customer support, and a quality product.

Domino’s has created a new definition of transparency in the business. They show every comment on their website regardless of whether it is negative or positive.

Domino’s understands this marketing philosophy, and the brand always brings something new for their consumer.

Recently Domino's announced it was going to start pizza delivery using drones. It posted a video on YouTube, and it has been seen by 1.7 million people so far. Domino's let its users create their own pizza and allows them to share it on social media.

Earlier, a video of Domino's employees doing nasty things in the kitchen went viral on social media. They understood covering up the mess was not an option, so they didn't delete the video.

Now it's your turn to take these content marketing tactics and use them.

Final Thoughts

We all must learn how these brands are using content marketing effectively without being too “sales-y.”

The following are key points you should use in modern content marketing:

Create innovative content for your audience. Offer simple content as often as possible. Understand the needs of your consumers. Produce supportive resources. Show your clients that you care about them. Create the right content for your marketing channels. Be transparent and supportive.

I promise if you start applying these advanced content marketing tactics, your content marketing will never be the same again.

Which brand’s content marketing strategy do you like most?

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