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30 Proven Ideas To Increase Ecommerce Conversions [Infographic]

30 Proven Ideas To Increase Ecommerce Conversions [Infographic]

Is your website failing to generate the eCommerce conversion rate you need? Some websites can bring in a lot of traffic and get visitors to stay for extended periods of time on a specific page. However, this doesn’t make too much of a difference unless they're getting visitors to convert.

Conversion rate is a Key Performance Indicators (KPI), so it’s crucial for online businesses to generate more sales and grow.

Possible Reasons for Low eCommerce Conversions

A number of factors could negatively influence your eCommerce conversion rate. There are various potential explanations as to why you’re not converting more customers. Let’s take a look at some of the possible reasons for your low conversion rate:

• Slow load time – A KISSmetrics study found that 40% of shoppers abandon a website if its load time is longer than three seconds. In the same study, researchers found that a one second delay in load time can result in a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. Therefore, one of the biggest reasons you’re not making enough sales is because your site takes too long to load.

• Poor user interface – If your website has a bad user interface, there’s no chance you’re going to get visitors to convert even with plenty of traffic. Maybe people aren’t buying from you because you’re asking for the same information too many times or you have too many steps for checkout. A Baymard study found that poor usability among eCommerce websites has resulted in an average shopping cart abandonment rate of 68.63%.

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• Seasonality – Your eCommerce business might experience a change in conversion rates according to the change in seasons. Depending on what you’re selling, you might see that you’re not making enough sales during a certain season. It’s important to be prepared for seasonality in your business by providing special discounts and offers.

• Little credibility – Will your site visitors buy from you if they don’t trust you? Perhaps it’s the first time they’ve heard about you, or they already know your brand but aren’t too sure about your new product. Many visitors may avoid clicking the “Purchase” button unless you establish your industry credibility or show proof.

Amazon does a great job in terms of this by providing a list of reviews from existing customers. Additionally, it filters out the reviews so buyers can find out which reviews were found to be the most helpful and relevant.

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These are just a few of the likely reasons why you’re experiencing a low eCommerce conversion rate. Other possible factors may be high costs, lack of product reviews, inability to find products, and incomplete product descriptions.

Solutions for Low eCommerce Conversions

So how exactly do you fix this issue? Making improvements to your website can encourage more customers to buy from you. Here are a few effective ideas:

• Speed up page loads – As described earlier, page load speed has a significant impact on your eCommerce conversion rate. Carefully review your website design and remove any unnecessary elements that are slowing down the load speed. Shopzilla reaped a 12% increase in revenue by reducing their average page load speed from six seconds to 1.2 seconds.

• Improve your landing page – You can greatly improve user experience by improving the quality of a site's landing page. Try adding high-quality images for an attractive design and including a clear call-to-action button so visitors know what to do next. Writing a detailed product description is smart to give visitors an insight into the features, pricing, and service quality. Product descriptions will also reduce visitor anxiety and help you convert.

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The Farmdrop landing page is an excellent example of a well-designed landing page. In addition to attractive and relevant imagery, the page has a useful copy that lets buyers know about the step-by-step process involved.

• Simplify everything – Many consumers avoid buying from an eCommerce website if the purchase process takes too long. Maybe you’re making registrations compulsory or complicating checkouts. Asos managed to reduce their shopping cart abandonment rate by 50% after removing the compulsory signup process.

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There are numerous tips you can learn from both big brands and smaller eCommerce stores in optimizing your conversions.

Check out the below full eCommerce conversion rate infographic to get more ideas for improving your company's bottom line.

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