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Top Trending Google Searches

Top Trending Google Searches

Want to know what is the most searched thing on Google?

For your reference, we compiled a list of the 100 top trending Google searches and most Googled questions from our database of 20 billion keywords.

This keyword data is from July through September 2021 and covers the US and Global data.

Top Google Searches

As a note, we removed all Not Safe for Work (NSFW) search terms which made up about 20% of the top 100 list. 

This list of top trending searches is being regularly updated every quarter for the most up-to-date information. 

If you want to try your own Google searches, our Keyword Magic Tool or Google's Keyword Planner will help you to find keywords for your strategy and campaigns.

Top 100 Google Most Searched Terms Globally


Average Jul-Sep 2021

1youtube1.4B2facebook1.1B3whatsapp web618.0M4google543.3M5gmail414.0M6translate414.0M7weather388.7M8amazon338.0M9google translate338.0M10instagram338.0M11traductor317.7M12hotmail226.0M13cricbuzz218.0M14tiempo185.0M15fb151.1M16clima151.1M17google maps151.1M18weather tomorrow133.0M19restaurants125.3M20yahoo mail124.0M21yahoo124.0M22satta king124.0M23twitter124.0M24maps116.3M25whatsapp110.4M26sarkari result108.7M27погода108.7M28xổ số miền bắc101.0M29tradutor101.0M30roblox101.0M31hotels89.1M32traduto83.6M33speed test83.1M34outlook83.1M35walmart83.1M36tiempo mañana83.1M37yandex83.1M38переводчик79.0M39mcdonalds78.1M40cowin78.1M41livescore73.9M42ebay73.0M43meteo73.0M44wetter68.9M45google dịch68.9M46flipkart68.0M47pinterest68.0M48facebook login68.0M49home depot68.0M50omegle63.9M51ikea63.9M52ind vs eng60.4M53çeviri59.7M54yt59.7M55traduction59.7M56google traduction59.7M57ترجمة59.7M58satta56.4M59bbc news55.6M60вк55.6M61news55.6M62twitch55.6M63traductor de ingles a español55.6M64previsão do tempo55.6M65google classroom53.6M66instagram login52.2M67starbucks52.2M68traductor ingles español48.9M69e devlet48.9M70linkedin48.9M71bet36548.9M72target48.9M73coronavirus48.3M74mp3 juice46.1M75canva46.1M76gmail login46.1M77le bon coin45.5M78ютуб45.5M79amazon prime45.5M80olx45.5M81google tradutor45.5M82satta matka45.5M83discord45.5M84shein45.5M85แปล ภาษา45.5M86天気45.5M87youtube to mp345.5M88fox news42.7M89video42.7M90ヤフー42.7M91ipl42.6M92facebook log in42.3M93psg40.8M94pogoda40.5M95booking40.5M96zoom40.0M97hava durumu40.0M98calculator40.0M99flamengo40.0M100costco40.0M

Search volume is the average number of times a specific search query is entered on a search engine per month. In this study by search volume we mean an average number of monthly searches for the last 12 months.

Top 100 Google Most Searched Terms in the US

 KeywordAverage Jul - Sep 2021 1facebook151.0M 2youtube151.0M 3amazon124.0M 4google73.0M 5walmart68.0M 6gmail55.6M 7home depot55.6M 8target42.7M 9restaurants42.7M 10yahoo mail40.0M 11google translate40.0M 12fox news37.7M 13yahoo37.2M 14ebay30.4M 15food near me30.4M 16google maps28.6M 17hotels28.6M 18restaurants near me28.6M 19costco28.6M 20starbucks28.6M 21instagram26.7M 22mcdonalds26.7M 23translate26.7M 24amazon prime23.4M 25best buy23.4M 26cnn21.9M 27weather tomorrow21.9M 28walgreens20.6M 29chick fil a20.4M 30craigslist20.4M 31food20.4M 32lowes20.4M 33espn19.4M 34zillow19.1M 35news19.1M 36usps tracking19.1M 37traductor19.1M 38spanish to english16.9M 39nfl16.8M 40bank of america16.6M 41twitter16.6M 42wells fargo16.6M 43calculator15.9M 44cvs15.6M 45netflix15.6M 46indeed13.6M 47maps13.6M 48google docs13.5M 49gas station12.8M 50dominos12.8M 51etsy12.8M 52macys12.8M 53autozone11.9M 54aol mail11.9M 55facebook log in11.9M 56kohls11.9M 57msn11.9M 58walmart near me11.9M 59shein11.9M 60nfl scores11.5M 61trump11.4M 62hotmail11.1M 63pizza hut11.1M 64sam's club11.1M 65speed test11.1M 66taco bell11.1M 67ups tracking11.1M 68nba10.6M 69grocery store10.4M 70gas10.4M 71roblox10.4M 72coffee10.4M 73dollar tree10.4M 74fedex tracking10.4M 75google classroom10.0M 76breakfast9.8M 77ikea9.8M 78pizza9.8M 79usps9.8M 80capital one9.1M 81fedex9.1M 82google flights9.1M 83linkedin9.1M 84liquor store9.1M 85mlb9.1M 86old navy9.1M 87pinterest9.1M 88chipotle9.1M 89covid vaccine near me9.1M 90amc stock8.8M 91gmail login8.8M 92american airlines8.6M 93omegle8.6M 94tiempo8.6M 95facebook marketplace8.6M 96paypal8.6M 97t mobile8.6M 98trader joe's8.6M 99google drive8.2M 100yankees8.1M 

The Top 100 Most Googled Questions Globally


Average Jul-Sep 2021

1what to watch7.5M2what is my ip3.6M3how many ounces in a cup3.5M4what if3.4M5how to delete instagram account3.4M6how to screenshot on mac1.9M7what time is it1.8M8where am i1.7M9how many weeks in a year1.3M10what if marvel1.3M11how many centimeters in an inch1.2M12what song is this1.1M13what the font1.0M14how many ounces in a gallon941.0K15what dinosaur has 500 teeth924.3K16how to lose weight fast882.0K17how many liters in a gallon882.0K18how are you823.0K19what we do in the shadows781.0K20when does senate vote on stimulus757.4K21do rzeczy723.0K22what time is it in california723.0K23when is the next full moon723.0K24what is the meaning of723.0K25how many countries in the world682.0K26where does vanilla flavoring come from676.0K27how many ounces in a pound673.0K28what is love673.0K29how to delete facebook account632.0K30where is my train632.0K31how to tie a tie607.7K32what space movie was made in 1992583.7K33how many grams in an ounce550.0K34how to pronounce550.0K35how to download youtube videos550.0K36what is the factorial of hundred538.0K37how old is bernie sanders528.0K38what is computer524.3K39what is 100 factorial523.0K40how long to boil eggs516.7K41how to solve a rubik's cube516.7K42who is516.7K43how old is donald trump486.3K44is today a holiday483.3K45what is the weather today483.3K46how to draw483.3K47how many people are in the world483.3K48what is the483.3K49how to screenshot on windows483.3K50is reddit down474.7K51what is a noun456.0K52what day is it today450.0K53how many450.0K54how many states in india450.0K55what is today450.0K56how to earn money online450.0K57how many cups in a quart450.0K58how to delete snapchat account450.0K59how to deactivate facebook450.0K60what is the time450.0K61why is the sky blue447.3K62what is critical race theory441.7K63what is a verb433.7K64when will senate vote on stimulus428.1K65how to make money online422.7K66what is an adjective406.3K67what is a prime number406.3K68when is mother's day in 2021403.3K69how to take a screenshot on a mac400.3K70who called me395.3K71what does395.3K72how many grams in a pound395.3K73how to screenshot on laptop395.3K74where am i right now395.3K75what is the meaning373.0K76what time is it in hawaii373.0K77how many quarts in a gallon368.0K78how many days in a year368.0K79how many feet in a mile368.0K80how much368.0K81how to take screenshot in laptop368.0K82how many calories in an apple368.0K83how to register for covid vaccine364.0K84who is the richest person in the world345.7K85how many oz in a gallon345.7K86what time is it in the uk345.7K87how to lose belly fat345.7K88what web345.7K89how to take a screenshot345.7K90how to backup iphone345.7K91how to delete gmail account345.7K92is it going to rain today345.7K93when does the senate vote on stimulus343.9K94how to get free robux327.3K95what time is it in australia323.3K96what does mean323.3K97how to lose weight323.3K98how to delete a page in word323.3K99is shingles contagious323.3K100which of the following323.3K

The Top 100 Most Googled Questions in the US

 KeywordAverage Jul-Sep 2021 1what to watch3.8M 2what time is it1.2M 3what space movie came out in 19921.2M 4how many ounces in a cup1.0M 5how to screenshot on mac1.0M 6how many ounces in a gallon941.0K 7where am i941.0K 8how many weeks in a year823.0K 9what is my ip823.0K 10what if763.0K 11when does senate vote on stimulus757.4K 12how to delete instagram account673.0K 13what song is this673.0K 14when is labor day 2021638.7K 15who won floyd vs logan610.0K 16who paid the largest criminal fine in history556.7K 17how many ounces in a pound550.0K 18when is the next full moon550.0K 19what time is it in california516.7K 20how old is bernie sanders500.0K 21when is labor day497.3K 22what space movie was made in 1992491.3K 23what if marvel474.7K 24when does fall start469.3K 25what we do in the shadows464.0K 26how many cups in a quart450.0K 27how many grams in an ounce450.0K 28what dinosaur has 500 teeth442.0K 29when will senate vote on stimulus428.1K 30how to lose weight fast422.7K 31how many liters in a gallon422.7K 32how old is donald trump409.0K 33how to tie a tie406.3K 34how long does covid last375.5K 35what time is it in tokyo372.8K 36how many quarts in a gallon368.0K 37how long to boil eggs368.0K 38what is critical race theory361.3K 39is today a holiday350.7K 40how many oz in a gallon345.7K 41when does the senate vote on stimulus343.9K 42when do the olympics start340.8K 43how to get rid of fruit flies327.3K 44how many feet in a mile323.3K 45what time is it in hawaii305.0K 46when is the first day of fall304.8K 47how many teaspoons in a tablespoon301.0K 48what is the weather today301.0K 49how many days until christmas299.0K 50what is happening in afghanistan291.5K 51how many tablespoons in a cup282.7K 52how many cups in a gallon282.7K 53where am i right now282.7K 54how to screenshot on windows282.7K 55who invented walking282.0K 56is it going to rain today267.7K 57how old is joe biden266.5K 58how many people are in the world264.3K 59how many oz in a cup264.3K 60is reddit down259.7K 61what time does walmart close249.3K 62how to take a screenshot on a mac249.3K 63how many steps in a mile246.0K 64how many ounces in a quart246.0K 65how much house can i afford246.0K 66how to get rid of gnats246.0K 67how to write a check246.0K 68what is rsv234.3K 69how to make french toast231.0K 70which wich231.0K 71how many grams in a pound231.0K 72how many centimeters in an inch222.3K 73how many days until halloween219.8K 74how to delete apps216.0K 75is shingles contagious216.0K 76what time is it in arizona216.0K 77what time is it in the uk216.0K 78what time is it in australia216.0K 79what is today216.0K 80where is xur210.3K 81how many square feet in an acre201.0K 82how many ounces in a liter201.0K 83how many oz in a pound201.0K 84how to delete facebook account201.0K 85how to pronounce201.0K 86what does201.0K 87how old is clint eastwood197.8K 88when is thanksgiving 2021192.0K 89how old is trump190.5K 90how tall is kevin hart189.0K 91how to solve a rubik's cube189.0K 92what day is it189.0K 93what time is it in texas189.0K 94why is my poop green189.0K 95how to take a screenshot189.0K 96when is senate voting on stimulus187.3K 97how many seconds in a day182.0K 98what time is it in florida182.0K 99why are flags at half mast today180.0K 100when does nfl season start180.0K 

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