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27 Powerful Content Marketing Examples for Any Industry

27 Powerful Content Marketing Examples for Any Industry

We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the most creative and effective content marketing examples in 2022.

Explore this list to get inspired, boost your creativity and brainstorm something great for your company.

Our Top Content Marketing Examples for 2022

We chose these 27 examples based on originality, effectiveness, their ability to inspire, and their emotional impact.

We’re confident they’ll help you develop your voice and strategy and lead you toward continued business success. 

In this article, we’ll explore content marketing examples in the following areas:

Interactive content marketing Video content marketing Social media content marketing B2B content marketing B2C content marketing Ebook content marketing Creative content marketing Blogging content marketing

Creative Content Marketing Examples

1. Canva’s Design Challenge Campaign

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Canva’s well-known graphic design platform makes content creation easier for businesses, influencers, and content creators everywhere. In 2022, it launched an ongoing weekly contest for users in turn for some sweet prizes, like a paid annual membership to Canva.

The #CanvaDesignChallenge calls for unique, original, and sometimes “out there” images, which are then placed before a group of Canva staff. At the end of the week, they choose their top five.

Why We Like It:

It’s a perfect example of cultivating user-generated content (UGC). Since launching, Canva has amassed 36,000 posts under the hashtag #CanvaDesignChallenge. Now, its team can choose which content to share on Instagram by barely lifting a finger. Moreover, Canva—a leader in creativity—gives its users a chance to be the experts.

Our Top Takeaway:

Canva challenges content creators to think outside the box and craft something new. It’s also building a community of creators excited to use the tool and show off their skills.

Check out past weekly winners on Canva’s Instagram page or view one of the weekly challenges.

2. MailChimp’s All in a Day’s Work Series

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MailChimp is a popular, easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for small and medium-sized businesses. It excels at helping entrepreneurs and small businesses build subscriber lists and nurture new leads. 

But that doesn’t stop MailChimp from creating its own interesting and relevant content. In January 2021, it launched a mini-series called All in a Day’s Work, which speaks to the triumphs and challenges of smaller businesses.

Why We Like It:

The appealing stop-motion videos show that MailChimp understands the struggles and triumphs that small businesses and entrepreneurs face. 

Our Top Takeaway:

Take the opportunity to show that you understand your audience in ways others might not. It can help the customer feel closer to you and your brand. 

Interactive Content Marketing Examples

3. Burger King’s VMA Immersive Sweepstakes

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At the end of 2020, Burger King’s mascot teamed up with rapper Lil Yachty to create videos that introduced sweepstakes for a 2021 VMA awards immersive experience. In a series of commercials, Lil Yachty and The King prepare for the performance of Lil Yachty’s “Top Down,” while also encouraging viewers to download their app.

The commercials provide a unique VMA Augmented Reality (AR) experience for loyal Burger King customers while offering them a slew of prizes and discounts if they interacted with the app. Perhaps two of their biggest incentives were winning a year’s worth of Whoppers or tickets to the 2021 VMA Awards.

Why We Like It:

Lil Yachty and The King’s bond was relatable to people during the pandemic. At the same time, they subtly mention their product—a QR code to download the Burger King App—by disguising it as artwork on the wall or designs on the back of a jacket. Viewers could also immerse themselves in the VMAs by scanning the QR code. From there, they could take a front seat, AR experience style, to watch the VMAs.

Our Top Takeaway:

The immersive experience allowed viewers to escape pandemic isolation, even if for a moment. Burger King took advantage of the reliance on food delivery and ordering apps to help boost download rates without shoving the ad in the customer’s face. 

Read more about the Burger King Immersive Sweepstakes and its launch.

4. Virtual Craft Beer Tasting by Ballast Point Brewing Company

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Lovers of craft beer festivals but who couldn’t attend one during the pandemic, not to worry. Their ongoing virtual craft beer tastings helped the craft beer community come together with hearty laughter and drink.

Even with beer festivals operating again, Ballast Point Brewing Company continues to host virtual craft beer tastings for enthusiasts across the United States. Guests experienced a virtual tasting and brewery tour, then played trivia—all without leaving their couch. Attendees also had the luxury of ordering items they would typically find at beer fests shipped right to their door.

Why We Like It:

For breweries that thrive on human interaction and events to promote their product, the pandemic took away a crucial part of their marketing strategy and revenue. However, Ballast Point kept the craft beer community together by creating a virtual tasting, and consumers felt like they weren’t missing out on their favorite beer fests.

Our Top Takeaway:

In the wake of the pandemic, businesses had to adapt digitally to stay afloat. And while shifting from brick and mortar to full-on digital was a challenge, businesses could try something new and find creative ways to reach people.

5. Design Personality by Airbnb

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Airbnb, the popular vacation rental service, put together this short quiz with the help of design experts at Domino. For users looking to spruce up their space, this quiz helps them discover their design personality.

Quizzes can be a momentary bit of fun, especially for those taking it out of sheer curiosity, but they can also drive a user to other parts of a website. 

Why We Like It:

Although simple, the quiz is well laid out, easy to follow, and provides an accurate answer for those genuinely wanting to upgrade their space. The answers page contains recommendations for places the user might be interested in staying. Then leads them to Domino’s website, where they can view more examples of their preferred style.

Our Top Takeaway:

For interactive content like quizzes, it’s essential to keep things brief, clear, and engaging, so users get the most accurate answer. But that’s not all the user gets. They also get recommendations from Airbnb on where to stay next along with more content from Domino on how to upgrade their space. It’s also a great demonstration of two brands partnering up to market their services in one place.

6. Google Web Stories

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Google Web Stories is jumping on the video trend, helping creators place their content in front of the broadest audience.

Users can add Google Web Stories into the backend of a website, making it easy to upload video content. Similar to sites like TikTok, Instagram, or design platforms like Canva, video creators can craft unique stories using animations, text, color, embeds, and captions.

Why We Like It:

Google Web Stories uses video to help creators position themselves as experts on a topic, driving them to their site. Video is a thriving form of content and articles that incorporate one video generate 83% more traffic than articles without a video. Content creators can take advantage at no cost as long as they have the time to create web stories from Google.

Our Top Takeaway:

As Google evolves to deliver more video in search engine results, content creators can harness this new feature to provide users with more video. Google Web Stories can reach users via a user’s search intent, while still falling in line with the style of other video creation platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, or Instagram reels. 

7. Wordle by The New York Times

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Wordle, the popular online game purchased by the New York Times, allows users six chances to guess a five-letter word—just once a day.

The site also keeps track of your winning streak. Users can also brag about their daily wins by easily sharing them on social media.

This page receives over 10 million organic views and attracted over 170k backlinks as of April 2022.

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Why We Like It:

Wordle is fun, easy to use, and accessible on any device. However, it isn’t binge-worthy. It only steals one’s attention for a short time without becoming consumed by it like other games.

Our Top Takeaway:

Sometimes simple is better when creating something engaging. The more complex a piece of content is, the more likely it is for a user to experience confusion. So remember to keep things clear and simple when creating content.

Social Media Content Marketing Examples

8. Apple’s Shot on an iPhone 

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Apple’s Shot on an iPhone campaign encourages iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Max users to share their very best photographs, using the phone’s macro function.

iPhone users captured images of the every day, taking ordinary objects and making them into something extraordinary. Apple asked users to share their shots on social media using the hashtags #shotonaniPhone or #iPhonemacrochallenge. 

Ten professional photographers and staff from Apple judged the online submissions and selected 10 winners.

Why We Like It:

The campaign was simple yet powerful. It encouraged users to experiment with their new iPhones resulting in close to 60,000 posts on Instagram alone.

Our Top Takeaway: 

When releasing a new product, launching a UGC campaign that encourages your customers to share their experience with the product is an engaging promotional tool with a high virality potential. 

9. MassMutual “Uncomfortable Truths” 

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In July 2021, MassMutual launched a campaign that confronted the “uncomfortable truths” behind some of our biggest financial decisions—saving for college, preparing for the unexpected, and general financial planning.

MassMutual shared three 30-second videos across Facebook and other mediums encouraging their customers to face those uncomfortable truths.

Why We Like It:

MassMutual helps educate customers on navigating their finances responsibly through storytelling. This strategy places the customer first and helps put those uncomfortable feelings around finances to rest. Besides, the short-form video is one of the key content marketing trends in 2022, according to the industry experts.

Our Top Takeaway:

Sometimes taking a genuine approach to addressing an audience’s vulnerabilities can help them feel closer to the brand. If they can trust the experts to share uncomfortable discussions, perhaps they will become loyal customers. 

10. NRMA Insurance Stories of Help (Instagram)

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NRMA Insurance responded to the disappointment Australian people faced in the wake of a Royal Commission investigation into insurance companies. To help restore faith in the industry, the brand launched the Stories of Help campaign on Instagram. It shared stories of selfless acts of help. But, the brand didn’t stop there. It championed local heroes who are making huge impacts on the community.

Why We Like It: 

The 150 videos drew inspiration from the popular Facebook page Humans of New York, bringing that human element to their marketing efforts. Their campaign paid off with data showing they had doubled their social engagement rate.

Our Top Takeaway:

While the data is important, the best thing about this campaign is that it helped Australians feel deeply connected to their community, especially in times of crisis. This is another great example of using brand storytelling to reach your audience.

11. Travel Manitoba (TikTok)

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The Travel Manitoba TikTok channel is full of amazing travel-related videos that speak to Manitoba, Canada, residents, and locals alike. Some videos show activities like dining under the aurora borealis, staying at retro hotels, or going on a bison safari. 

Candidly featuring these moments has amassed more than 30,000 followers and over 260,000 likes.

Why We Like It: 

Travel Manitoba does well to incorporate honest reviews of the best places to eat, drink, be outdoors, and enjoy the city. Videos are short, delightful to watch, well shot, and an important content marketing trend in 2022.

Our Top Takeaway: 

Travel Manitoba captures various angles of all things that make it different. Each second of content is interesting for the user, and users feel like they’ve already been there.

12. Adobe #CreativityForAll

A look for every season ðGif by Alina Bohoru: pic.twitter.com/55hS2Xm40k

— Adobe (@Adobe) April 7, 2022

Adobe supports businesses with their outstanding computer software and their community of professional creators. From crafting PDFs to illustrating ebooks or posters, they have products that are suitable for any business’s creative needs.

The computer software company takes their B2B services to new creative heights on their Twitter page opening new worlds for businesses. They post colorful and inspiring visual content, tips for better illustration and video creation, and educational blog posts.

Adobe’s also shares illustrations from users with expert skills to offer recognition for their creativity.

Why We Like It:

All posts on Adobe’s Twitter are short, sweet, and creative and speak well to their celebration of #CreativityForAll. They give credit to graphic designers, offer tips for creators, make posts pleasing to the eye, and communicate their brand in clever ways. Their regular use of stunning images and video in each posts and short copy, makes it easy for Twitter followers to engage.

Our Top Takeaway:

Twitter isn’t just designed for clever text-based posts loaded with hashtags. Keep the text short, add eye-catching images and video for increased engagement, and share people’s creativity to help inspire others. And it holds true for all sectors, including B2B.

Ebook Content Marketing Examples

13. Ann Hadley’s How to Newsletter Ebook

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Can a PDF be a party? “Everybody Writes” author Ann Handley says, “YES, IT CAN” in her ebook on How to Newsletter. When she started her newsletter, she had a little over 2,100 subscribers. According to data included in her ebook, 43,000 people are opening emails three years and 100 issues later.

So what led to a 2,000% increase? In “How to Newsletter,” Handley shares what worked, what didn’t, how she keeps her subscribers engaged, and the “weird metrics” she chooses to follow.

Why We Like It: 

Handley provides practical advice for writing engaging letters, keeping her love and desire to write at the forefront. She touches upon the use of white space, letting the words breathe in the ebook. At only 14 pages long, “How to Newsletter” is very digestible and also includes a checklist to help you navigate building your own newsletter.

Our Top Takeaway:

Take your time, utilize white space, offer practical advice, and don’t overwhelm readers with information when building your thought leadership in the industry. 

14. Comic Book School Creator Connections: Panel One

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The Comic Book School Creator Connections: Panel One is an anthology of 16 creator-owned stories collected from talented writers, artists, editors, and comic nerds. This ebook was created and published to contain their work and give honor to the talented comic book creators who showed up at Comic Cons but still hadn’t broken into the industry.

The project started before the pandemic shook the world. Yet, everyone involved charged through the challenging times to hone their skills despite it all.

The anthology won the Independent Creator Award for Best Anthology and the Content Marketing Award for Best Use of eBook in Distribution.

Why We Like It:

When Comic Cons didn’t recognize the talent, the anthology honored those creators by highlighting their work and sharing it with the world. The stories are different in style and variety and show the diversity of an industry that has seen many different seasons.

Our Top Takeaway:

Great and impactful art can still be made and appreciated during trying times. And the same goes for any kind of content marketing. What we do with our content can impact others as long as we keep creating. If you have something to say with your content, but no one seems to be listening, don’t be afraid to chart your own path. After all, mission-driven content marketing is what can truly differentiate you in 2022.

15. The State of Personalization Ebook by Drift

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The State of Personalization Ebook by Drift is a guidebook that discusses the importance of businesses creating more personalized content for their customers.

This guide is backed by statistics and reasoning that educates businesses on individualized content and how to craft scalable online experiences for users. Ultimately, it encourages businesses to abandon templated content marketing techniques and exchange them for high-quality individualized content.

Why We Like It:

In an age where personalized content is desired more than ever, this guide delivers practical advice and insight on how to customize content for users. Drift also lays out the ebook so it’s educational and easy to consume.

Our Top Takeaway:

Make content a novelty for the businesses you work with or the customers you serve. Understanding your customer’s needs and pain points can be useful for providing more personalized solutions. Having credible sources to back up your content can also be very persuasive.

Video Content Marketing Examples

16. Mayo Clinic COVID-19 Vaccine Series

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In an age where misinformation runs rampant, experts must do their best to educate the public. Mayo Clinic has created a series of YouTube videos with scientific evidence to help combat misinformation about COVID-19 and the vaccine.

Why We Like It:

During a period that has developed in unprecedented ways, Mayo Clinic goes to the experts to educate people. They speak on COVID-19’s effects, how to prevent the virus, statistics on its impact, and regular COVID-19 updates.

Our Top Takeaway:

Backing up your content with valuable resources and comments from the experts can make it solid. Moreover, it can make your content reputable and credible.

17. Apple Watch Help Stories

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In this campaign, Apple emphasizes how its Series 7 smartwatch can potentially save lives. Over a series of videos, Apple introduces real-life scenarios of people stuck at sea, in a car accident, or in other distress. They also demonstrate how the Apple Watch Series 7 got those in danger the emergency help they needed.

Why We Like It:

Apple plays on customers’ fears, using events we all hope never to experience. At the same time, they provide a solution. If customers believe that a small device can get them help when they need it, it puts their minds at ease.

Our Top Takeaway:

Calming real, normal fears we all face as part of your content marketing strategy makes for a strong campaign. But, it also brings in that human element by tugging on our heartstrings. 

18. Fiverr’s Video, “Out North”

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In 2021, Fiverr released a moving 17-minute video called “Out North,” highlighting a Nashville, Tennessee, community. The video was filmed through the eyes of the nonprofit organization Gideon’s Army.

The video, which took home a 2021 Vimeo award, talks about a specific ZIP code in Nashville known for its high incarceration rate. The moving video details that one in every three men who live here will face incarceration. Gideon’s Army aims to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline. With the help of Fiverr, this story came to life.

Read more about “Out North” and what inspired the story.

Why We Like It:

The video brings awareness to significant issues Black communities face while demonstrating how to advocate for change. It also shows the kindness that still exists in the world and the lengths people will go when helping our brothers and sisters.

Our Top Takeaway:

There is great power in telling a story and telling it passionately. Fiverr’s video accomplishes this by speaking truthfully about an issue and steps it is taking to resolve it.

19. Wistia’s Low Views High Impact Video Series

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It seems most businesses are all striving to create the next piece of viral content. But even if the content doesn’t go viral, can it still make an impact? Wistia, a video hosting platform, thinks so and works to prove it in their “Low Views High Impact” video series.

Over nine episodes, Wistia sheds light on the content that yields low views but still creates a high impact. Wistia interviews businesses that create video designed to reach smaller audiences. And judging from the videos businesses created to reach smaller audiences, it turns out, big things can come in small packages.

Why We Like It:

Wistia emulates a TV host interview scenario that explores the surprising benefits businesses experience with their non-viral content. This storytelling series provides value while also keeping the content fun and engaging. It’s also very close to the value proposition and product of Wistia, helping the company to spread the idea that video can be useful even if it doesn’t vecome viral.

Our Top Takeaway:

Try incorporating comedy and fun into your content. Focus on quirky ways to deliver value while covering topics that educate marketing professionals. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Also, make sure that the topics you select go in line with your overall brand story.

Blogging Content Marketing Examples

20. Work Life by Atlassian

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Atlassian’s inspiring Work Life blog is full of stories and advice designed to lead a team to greatness. In addition, the blog is well optimized and offers helpful insight on team building, opens discussion on leadership style, and draws on experience from inspirational leaders worldwide.

According to Semrush’s Organic Research tool, one of its best blog posts, How to Write Smart Goals, brings in roughly 60,000 organic visitors per month.

Why We Like It:

The entire blog speaks to all facets of work life and teaches leaders and employees how to feel aligned. They also address some of the most critical areas needed for strong team function within a company. Inside each post is a real-life scenario as well as content that is easy to read, precise in its points, and valuable to the reader.

Our Top Takeaway:

Atlassian gets straight to the point to satisfy the searcher’s intent. Make your content useful, valuable, and easy for the user to digest. And use real-life scenarios to appeal to them.

21. Find Your Fungicide Window by Climate Field View

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Climate Fieldview’s single “Find Your Fungicide Window” blog post was a Content Marketing Awards Finalist, and we can see why. Informative in helping farmers plan for their harvest, it also tells them how to use the fungicide (aka pesticides) window to their advantage.

Why We Like It:

This blog is both visually appealing and easy to digest. It has well-designed graphics that you can interact with, well-utilized white space, and well-placed information that stands out. In addition, Climate Fieldview subtly mentions its data-driven technology to provide a visual perspective on the impact of knowing your fungicide window.

Our Top Takeaway:

Being clear and concise with a topic as complex as this one is crucial. Providing visuals like before and afters or interactive designs can keep the user engaged and provide a useful strategy to yield a better product.

22. Sisters from AARP

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The Sisters from AARP is a community for Black women, connecting with them on the topics of health, wealth, relationships, music and movies, faith, and more. The site offers a safe place for them to come together and talk about these real topics that touch all generations.

The Sisters of AARP won a Content Marketing Award for its exceptional content covering a broad set of topics and an established style and voice.

There is much to learn from this outstanding achievement and what it took to create Sisters from AARP. Content Marketing Institute’s article gives more information about this community.

Why We Like It:

AARP created this content for a specific audience using a particular voice—just think, “besties at brunch.” 

Our Top Takeaway:

Make sure your voice is friendly and approachable. The Sisters from AARP is authentic, shareable, and friendly, almost as if you were ordering your next mimosa during a girl’s day out.

B2C Content Marketing Examples

23. Monster Worldwide’s Microsite

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A month after COVID-19 rocked the world, Monster launched a microsite for employers and workers to talk about Work in the Time of Coronavirus. The site provides support and guidance to workers and employers during one of the most challenging times in history. 

But Monster didn’t stop there. As the pandemic evolved, so did the site. Initially, it was intended to support job seekers. The audience expanded quickly, and as a result, Monster provided more listings to employers who were on the search for essential workers.

For more on Monster’s launch, read the article from Content Marketing Institute.

Why We Like It:

By adapting quickly, Monster saw positive results in its efforts to support job seekers and employers during times of great need by expanding its services. By making this change, the site now receives 2,500 visits per month on average and a 52% CTR.

Our Top Takeaway:

Help your clients in hard times and make your impact meaningful. Don’t be afraid to adapt even when you’re unsure of the outcome.

24. HBO Max Trailers + Hearts and Science

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Diving deep into the data to understand consumers, Hearts and Science is a force for change with its content marketing ideas. Hearts and Science combines data analysis and the “foundations of our human hearts” to help understand consumers on a deeper level. Hearts and Science takes their knowledge and helps businesses build emotional connections with their consumers.

Hearts and Science and HBO teamed up to create a series of 30-second TV spots for upcoming Max Originals. Together, they use take desires of the human heart and data to help craft captivating trailers.

Lovecraft Country and The Flight Attendant were part of two trailers they created together.

Why We Like It: 

These two teams found opportunity in the emotional bonds that exist between business and consumer. By doing this, HBO Max created trailers that directly captured the audience and compelled them to watch the next flick.

Our Top Takeaway:

Digging deep into what your consumers are passionate about can help you position your content in a way that creates intrigue while remaining impactful.

B2B Content Marketing Examples

25. Salesforce: Leading Through Change

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Salesforce’s Leading Through Change campaign supports, provides inspiration and insight, and nurtures businesses navigating work-life balance online. With more people working from home, workers and companies must remain engaged and vigilant throughout their workdays. 

To sustain this new working lifestyle, Salesforce created a library of videos that speak to leadership, engagement, resilience, equity, and sustainability.

Why We Like It:

Salesforce is facing the changes of these past few years by stepping up to be a leader. And as we know, great leaders are also great supporters. Salesforce shows us that they’re here to help nurture businesses as they navigate working remotely.

Our Top Takeaway:

Stay connected with your users by offering help when they need it most. While it may be easier to keep things as they have always been, it’s not always the best solution. Change can be difficult, but it can also be good and necessary.

26. Unbounce: The Conversion Benchmark Report

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Unbounce is a drag-and-drop builder that doesn’t require you to code your landing pages. Their Conversion Benchmark Report is a digestible, data-backed landing page packed with information that helps marketers convert better. To access the report and see the benchmark data for various sectors, you need to fill out a form that sits right on this page.

The report further aims to educate marketers on optimizing landing pages to better reach their target audience.

Why We Like It: 

Unbounce chose to create an online report as a landing page instead of just another downloadable PDF. They lead by example, showing the effectiveness of well-optimized landing pages by making their report into a landing page. They also improve the user experience for their readers while still being able to gate their content and generate leads for nurturing. 

Our Top Takeaway:

Instead of creating just another PDF, make your lead generating content stand out with an unusual format. Being different and getting creative is extremely important these days, even if you are in B2B.

27. Slack's Case Studies

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Case studies can be a very useful form of content marketing, but that doesn’t mean they have to be plain, boring and purely promotional. Take Slack, for example. Slack took their case studies and turned them into inspiring stories that users could connect with.

In doing this, Slack spotlights the customer as they share how this communication software was beneficial to them. 

Why We Like It:

Slack takes a storytelling approach to sharing their case studies to show how customers have been impacted by their product. 

Our Top Takeaway:

Storytelling is a compelling form of content marketing, since our entire lives revolve around stories. When creating your next content marketing piece, try incorporating more relatable storytelling to better connect with customers.

Platforms for More Inspiring Content Marketing 

New examples of great content marketing constantly emerge. When it comes to staying current with what other people are doing, you need to know where to turn to find inspiration.

You’ve seen several sources that we love. Each regularly shares different types of content. If nothing else, they’re great places to kickstart inspiration:

Content Marketing Institute Famous Campaigns Information is Beautiful Visual Capitalist Digital PR Examples The Drum Content Awards UK Content Awards Content Marketing Awards

Take Your Content Marketing to the Next Level

A great content marketing strategy has a deep understanding of its customers, includes search engine optimization, demonstrates excellent writing and production—and has a solid distribution. 

If you invest the time, energy, and resources into building an effective content marketing machine, you will reap the rewards in the long term.

Let these content marketing examples wash over you so that you might soon also create something inspirational for another fellow marketer.

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