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What Does A Facebook Marketing Company Do?

What Does A Facebook Marketing Company Do?

They typically use a combination of organic and paid social media marketing activities to increase brand visibility, fan base, engagement and conversions – be they lead generation, web traffic or other pre-set conversion goals.

Some of the services these agencies offer include:

  • Performing market research: The top Facebook marketing companies base their strategies on thorough research of your industry and market, as well as competitor analysis.
    Creating content: These agencies write copy and create visual content for your page’s posts, from custom images to videos.
  • Engaging with followers: Social media is all about conversations, i.e. two-way communication between brands and their audiences. Your Facebook marketing agency will actively engage with your audiences on the platform to improve brand perception and customer satisfaction.
  • Running ads: These companies build highly targeted ads that reach the right people and attract new audiences. By developing engaging campaigns, they can grow your followers and close you more deals.
  • Measuring success: They create reports that measure the performance of ads as well as organic activity. These will give you deeper insight into your audience’s behavior and the effectiveness of your strategy, helping you scale and improve your future efforts.

Depending on your needs, you can have full-service page management or you can ask for individual Facebook marketing services.

Which Businesses Should Consider Facebook Marketing Services?

According to Statista, there are over 2.6 billion monthly active Facebook users, which makes it the most used social network in the world.

What’s more, the average Facebook user spends 1-hour daily on the platform.

But, what does it mean for you?

Well, it means vast and highly engaged audiences await your brand on Facebook.

While almost any business can find their market on the platform, these can gain the most from professional Facebook marketing services:

  • Non-profits: This includes different types of charities, foundations, organizations, associations and more, that most often share some info on their activities or different events, etc.
  • Local businesses: Both family-owned, small businesses and large companies leverage Facebook marketing services to increase their local audience and boost their sales.
  • Individuals: This group incorporates musicians, celebrities, authors, and more. Their goal is to increase their target market and get as many followers as possible.

How Much Do Facebook Marketing Companies Charge For Their Services?

The best Facebook marketing companies offer different pricing plans for their projects.

However, the most common billing option is the fee per hour that ranges between $100 and $175 in the US, whereas Eastern Europe-based companies might require $35+ per hour.

These are some of the factors that will influence the cost:

  • The type of services you need
  • The amount of work that needs to be done
  • The number of people who will work on your project
  • The agency’s experience and seniority

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Why Hire A Facebook Marketing Agency?

When managed well, Facebook marketing can be a powerful digital tool that helps brands achieve their business goals.

Let’s dive into the top five reasons why you should hire a Facebook marketing agency:

  • Having access to data analytics: Considering the analytical data of how well your campaigns are performing and how your brand is improving is matters ensuring business success. Facebook marketing managers always provide their clients with monthly reports which they leverage to improve their strategies. By hiring a professional agency, you will also be able to dig into such data and understand your business progress better.
  • Reaching the right audience: By doing in-depth market research, your Facebook marketing agency will target the right users who are interested in your products and/or services and are more likely to convert.
  • Outperforming the competition: Establishing a strong Facebook presence is also essential in standing out from other businesses in your industry and outperforming your biggest competitors.
  • Using premium tools: By hiring a Facebook ad management agency, you will also have access to expensive tools that Facebook marketing managers use and that are essential in improving the effectiveness of their strategies.
  • Being consistent: Posting regularly on your Facebook business page is important in increasing brand recall and keeping your audience engaged. You as a business owner probably don’t have the time to share posts continuously. This is where the top Facebook marketing companies come useful. They will create highly engaging posts, share them at the right time and increase the number of shares and comments.

The right Facebook marketing strategy can help you increase the number of loyal clients and improve your Facebook search rankings.

5 Advantages Of Working With A Facebook Consultants

Here are the advantages of partnering with a Facebook ad management agency:

  • Local search: Facebook is the second most popular medium for “near me” searches. To be found by these users, ranking higher on Facebook search is essential. To help you achieve that, these companies will optimize your business page, post high-quality content regularly, increase engagement and do a lot more.
  • Customer satisfaction: You as a business owner, probably don’t have the time to deal with comments and messages constantly. And, followers hate to see automated responses. By allowing a Facebook marketing agency to manage your page and send personalized messages, you will increase customer satisfaction. Providing the audience with the best experience possible matters in turning them into loyal and long-term clients.
  • Brand awareness: Facebook is the most used social media network on the market. It means that most of the social users spend their time on this platform. Implementing the right Facebook marketing strategy will allow you to target a bigger audience and generate higher brand awareness.
  • Conversions: By developing a strategy, the best Facebook marketing companies target high-quality leads that are more likely to convert. What’s more, conversions also increase as a result of the positive impressions your audience gets. So, providing them with great customer care and high-quality content is of key importance in boosting your sales.
  • Brand loyalty: According to a Facebook study, the loyalty of the network results in brand loyalty and repeated purchases. Being able to communicate with brands directly and reading high-quality content increases the trust in the audience. Top Facebook marketing companies can grab the attention of your target market and turn it into long term customers.

Above all…

Unlike most digital marketing services, Facebook marketing is cost-effective. Creating a business page is absolutely free and running paid promotions costs relatively less than any other marketing tactic.

How To Choose The Right Facebook Marketing Agency For Your Business

The search for the best Facebook marketing company can be complicated and overwhelming, particularly with so many options on the market.

However, our list of carefully vetted agencies will help you narrow down your research.

In addition to it, here are a few factors that you should consider to make your choice easier:

  • Industry experience: Partnering with an agency that is specialized in your industry can fast-track and improve your marketing efforts on the platform. They know your target market, competition and business environment which makes them better positioned to understand your business needs and goals.
  • Communication and company culture: Communication is one of the most overlooked elements in partnerships and outsourcing which, coincidentally, is one of the building blocks of long-term and successful relationships. Assess your prospective partners’ approach to communication and their company culture to find the right match for your organization.
  • Reviews: All of our ranked agencies have demonstrated superior client reviews. However, if you wish to expand your search, focus on client testimonials to gain a better insight into the agencies’ service quality, business ethics and punctuality.
  • Cost: Our list is a great starting point for gauging the average Facebook marketing service rates. Before your agency research, be sure to allocate a budget for your Facebook marketing efforts - this will become an important factor in filtering your prospective digital marketing partners.

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20 Questions To Ask When Interviewing A Facebook Marketing Company

  • What Facebook marketing services do you offer?

  • Do you run a target market research and competition analysis?

  • How will you define my audience?

  • Do you have an updated portfolio where I can see your work?

  • Have you ever worked with any of my competition?

  • How did you help them grow and what results did you deliver?

  • According to you, what is a successful Facebook marketing campaign?

  • How can you optimize my Facebook business page?

  • Do you know how my page can rank higher on Facebook search and be easily found during local searches?

  • What type of content will you share on my page?

  • Do you also have a team of designers and content writers who will create it?

  • Will you charge extra for their work?

  • What type of tools you are going to use to manage my page?

  • How do you measure the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing campaigns?

  • What metrics do you track and why are they important?

  • Will I receive monthly reports to see how my Facebook presence is improving?

  • Who of your team members will work on my project?

  • How are we going to communicate?

  • Will I be involved in this project? If yes, to what extent?

  • What is the exact cost of my project?

  • Takeaways On Facebook Marketing Companies

    Facebook marketing companies help businesses build brand awareness, increase engagement and make more sales on the platform.

    Their average rates range between $35 and $175 per hour, mostly depending on the company’s location.

    To select the best agency for your business consider:

    • Industry experience
    • Communication and company culture
    • Reviews
    • Cost

    Best of luck!

    Source: DesignRush.com