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What Is An Instagram Marketing Company?

What Is An Instagram Marketing Company?

They engage in various tasks to allow brands to showcase their offerings in an entertaining way, humanize their content, inspire and engage their audience and even recruit talent.

What Does An Instagram Marketing Company Do?

The primary responsibilities of Instagram marketing companies include:

  • Market research: They define your target market to be able to create a strategy that works while focusing on their demographics, age, interests and more.
  • Competitor analysis: They analyze your competition to take advantage of their strengths and weaknesses and push you a step ahead of them.
  • Written content: They write high-quality and unique content for your posts that makes your audience engage.
  • Visual content: They create and share compelling visual content including photos of products, infographics, charts and more.
  • Branded hashtags: They incorporate the right hashtags related to your business and industry to reach the right audience and increase your brand awareness.
  • Follower engagement: They engage with your followers including replying to comments and messages which matter in improving customer service.
  • Paid ads: Instagram experts run highly targeted ads. They create campaigns that connect your brand with your audience.
  • Campaign monitoring and reporting: They create analytical reports to measure the effectiveness of the ads and their strategies.
  • And more

How Much Do Instagram Marketing Agencies Charge For Their Services?

The cost of each Instagram marketing service may vary from agency to agency since there are many factors that play into it.

These include how experienced the prospective companies are, the number of people who will work on your project, the time frame and scope, your goals and more.

The average rates of Instagram marketing companies in the US would charge range between $100 and $175 per hour.

A company based in Eastern Europe, on the other hand, would charge significantly less, with the average rates starting at $35 per hour.

Why Hire An Instagram Marketing Company Instead Of Managing Your Account In-House?

With professional management, your Instagram account can turn into an effective marketing tool that attracts the right audience, generates leads, grows brand awareness and retention.

Here are the top four reasons why you should hire an Instagram marketing agency for your business needs:

  • Consistency: Being consistent on Instagram matters in building a uniform brand image. Achieving this consistency is much more difficult than it seems; It requires skill, informed decisions and discipline.
  • Analytical reports: Experienced Instagram marketing professionals use specialized tools for richer Instagram analytics and deeper insights. Additionally, they can easily identify the relevant data and compare it against the KPIs, avoiding vanity metrics and giving context to those that are not as intuitive as they seem.
  • Useful tools: By hiring one of the best Instagram marketing companies, you will also have access to some awesome premium tools. These include image editors, social scheduling tools, content mining, the already mentioned analytics tools and more.
  • Target audience: The noise on social media channels is ever-growing, so reaching the right audience requires precision and carefully devised strategies. Your partner will help you identify the right target audiences, segment them and deliver targeted campaigns that convert.

Instagram is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing. So, it’s no wonder that over 25 million businesses use it to generate awards and engage their audience.

In fact, 72% of users make a purchase after seeing a product on Instagram. (Business Insider)

This social media platform has evolved into a place for luxury shoppers. Sellers can easily
display different options for making purchases that improve the experience of the users and influence the number of closed deals positively.

More than 150 million people establish communication with brands by sending direct messages. (Instagram)

Instagram Direct allows consumers to easily get in touch with businesses and ask for different types of information regarding their products and services.

This makes communication much easier and results in increased customer satisfaction and indirectly contributes to more purchases.

Over 500 million users view Instagram stories each day. (Instagram)

Instagram stories are one of the most effective forms of marketing. By clicking a single button, shoppers are taken to a certain product on a profile or a web page where they can make a purchase instantly.

This easy and simple shopping experience increases the number of closed deals.

The Benefits Of Working With Instagram Marketing Agencies

Consumers respond better to visual information. When they engage with text based-content, they retain between 10% and 20% of the info.

However, when they combine text with visuals, they can recall 65% of the info.

This is why Instagram is one of the most preferred platforms among marketers.

Here are the top three key benefits that you can enjoy by partnering with a professional Instagram marketing agency:

  • Increased brand awareness: By including the right hashtags in your posts, your partner will target the right audience and increase brand awareness. The more people get familiar with your brand, the more followers your business profile will get.
  • Improved brand loyalty: By sharing high-quality written and visual content and providing personalized replies in comments and messages, these companies will improve loyalty in your brand.
  • Simplified purchases: By setting up the “shop now” tool within the app, your Instagram marketing company allows your followers to visit your online store with a single click. This easy and simple way to shop, allows businesses to close more deals.

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How To Choose The Best Instagram Marketing Company For Your Business?

Here are a few factors to consider to facilitate your search for the best Instagram marketing agency:

  • Location: If you need an agency that can create unique, branded content for your Instagram grid, such as product and lifestyle photos, partnering with a local agency will save you time and money.
  • Budget: Discover how much each potential partner would charge you. Then determine your budget accordingly and use it as a parameter in your search for the right fit.
  • Portfolio: Check out the portfolios of the best Instagram marketing companies by visiting their websites; You can do this easily by clicking the website links in our ranking list. Focus on each company’s results and industry experience.
  • Reviews: Each listed agency on this page has been carefully vetted and one of the key considerations in this process are client reviews. If you wish to expand your search, however, find each agency's reviews on independent sites to ensure you find a reliable partner.

20 Questions To Ask When Interviewing The Best Instagram Marketing Agencies

  • How can you help me define my business goals?

  • What type of Instagram marketing services do you offer?

  • What services do you believe my business needs?

  • Do you own a portfolio with the projects you have worked on? Can I see it somewhere online?

  • Do you have experience in serving clients in my industry?

  • Have you ever helped any of my competitors grow?

  • What results have you delivered for them exactly?

  • Do you run Instagram ads?

  • What are the elements of a successful Instagram profile?

  • What type of visual content do you share?

  • Do you have a team of designers and content writers?

  • How do you measure the effectiveness of Instagram ads?

  • What metrics do you track?

  • Will your team provide me with analytical reports?

  • What type of data will these reports include?

  • Who will be engaged with my project?

  • How often should we meet?

  • What means of communication will we use?

  • Will I be involved in the project? If yes, how?

  • How much will you charge me?
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    Takeaways On Instagram Marketing Companies

    Instagram marketing agencies specialize in helping brands generate awareness, engage and convert the audience based on the popular platform.

    The cost of every Instagram marketing service varies among companies and it approximately ranges between $50 and $150 per hour.

    To select the best company for your business needs, make sure you:

    • Consider their location
    • Set a budget
    • Visit their portfolios
    • Read their reviews

    Best of luck!

    Source: DesignRush.com