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Beyond the Limits: a Look at Best-Selling Events

Beyond the Limits: a Look at Best-Selling Events

One of the most anticipated events in the digital marketing world is just around the corner. Of course, I’m talking about a superb conference for search marketing professionals, BrightonSEO , which will take place in Brighton on April 22.

Actually, the event is rightfully known as a speedy sold-out conference. Absolute Digital Media noticed that it sold out faster that Glastonbury, which is, by the way, is one of the most popular summer music festival in UK. Nevertheless, the SEO conference in Brighton could beat the events leader. It’s unbelievable, but the first set of tickets sold out… in a merely minute!

Even though Brighton Concert Hall holds less places than Glastonbury and by far is not as popular and legendary as the music festival (yet), it's obvious that today the role of SEO has become crucial. BrightonSEO is a great event for both SEO beginners and professionals; it’s a chance to learn, exchange experience and communicate with the best minds in search.

We decided to collect another example of events which sold out quickly to find out what they have in common and what makes them so great. Below you’ll find a list of the most successful events in diverse niches.

Friends Fest

When Comedy Central announced that it was going to organize the event to celebrate one of the most popular sitcoms in the TV history, the audience practically went crazy. For the Friends Fest, Monica’s home was recreated in east London in the Boiler House on Brick Lane. Tickets were priced at £5 and went on sale on Comedy Central’s official website on Wednesday afternoon, and only the most quick fans hit the jackpot. All the tickets to the desirable festival sold out in less than 13 minutes! And some customers were even told that the tickets sold out during their payment process. Soon, the channel announced that a new round of tickets will be released in order to respond to the numerous demands of fans.

I JUST GOT TICKETS TO #FriendsFest #comedycentral ❤️❤️❤️✌️✌✌????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

— - (@BradftH00d) August 12, 2015

Who managed to get tickets to #FriendsFest last week? #Lighting #AV @Premier pic.twitter.com/jU0pjyCacM

— PR Live (@PRLive_) September 23, 2015

@ComedyCentralUK Please please provide more tickets to #FriendsFest #bricklane #gutted

— Lau'z (@Laura_Parker_88) September 21, 2015


We’ve already mentioned the most important music fest in UK: Glastonbury. Well, without exaggeration this event is well known beyond its country and considered as the largest greenfield festival in the world! Glastonbury is held annually and so far attended by nearly 175,000 people. This year, tickets sold out half an hour after they were released. The price of tickets in 2016 raised to £228, excluding £5 booking fee. Besides contemporary music, it also hosts dances, theatre, circus, comedy, and other forms of art.

ready for 5th year of #glastonbury #festival #glastonbury2016 pic.twitter.com/IhYORUtjKB

— Nick (@trashywhiteboy) November 9, 2015

Seeking: @GlastoFest friend for #Glastonbury2016.... Can't wait!! #iamtenttrained #festival #partyfor1 #worthyfarm pic.twitter.com/2Cfa0tdO8b

— Sam Crompton (@SamCrompton2) April 5, 2016

Monty Python Live 

Tickets to the Monty Python stage show is the Holy Grail, as BBC entitled them, for any fan of this British sketch comedy group. Their popularity was named the Python phenomenon and their influence on many other comedy shows was compared to the Beatles’ influence in the music world. Their live comeback show in London brought together the surviving members of the legendary comedy group. It sounds incredible, but the first round of tickets sold out in less than a minute! It took just 43.5 seconds to sell 14,500 seats to the show. The Monty Python show was a whole epoch of comedy for a large TV audience. BrightonSEO is the same thing in terms of the meaning that it represents to the audience. Experts from all over the world gather at the conference to share their knowledge and learn from other professionals in search .

Ha! Well, needless to say that I actually achieve some things that I post on Twitter... #MontyPythonLive pic.twitter.com/4vYTLHlsbn

— Jake Taylor-Kipping (@KippingOfficial) December 1, 2014

#MontyPythonLive Next to the day I was born and my wedding day... Best day of my life... @EricIdle @JohnCleese pic.twitter.com/xkNEqFn8RY

— ChicagoTom (@tmpeck) August 1, 2014

Exo From. Exoplanet #1 - The Lost Planet

Exo, a famous K-pop boy band, demonstrated the dazzling success of a music group that became an extremely popular during a short period of time. All tickets to their first world tour Exo From. Exoplanet #1 -- The Lost Planet sold out in a blink. To be more precise, it took only 1.47 seconds to sell the seats, and this is not a typo. Impressive, huh?

Lmao at the venue without a ticket T_T #exoljapan #exo pic.twitter.com/uVJuqJKGME

— テミンの者 (@raqshinee) April 18, 2015

Adele’s ‘25’ Tour

The megastar Adele had to cancel many of her anticipated concerts because of health issues in 2011. As a result, when she announced her new tour with her latest album ‘25,’ which was a huge success, the audience got very excited. Unfortunately for many fans, they couldn’t purchase tickets, because they sold out within a few minutes on the online marketplace Stubhub. Later this day, on the official website near each Adele’s concert there was a note “Sold Out.”

Another example of the rush on tickets in the music world is the Stone Roses concerts in Manchester, the band’s hometown. This events marked a reunion of the group and set the Guinness World Record, becoming the fastest-selling concerts in the U.K. history. 220,000 tickets vanished in 68 minutes.

See what just arrived in the mail! I.CAN.NOT.WAIT. #AdeleLive2016 #adele #adele25tour pic.twitter.com/ISKfvQYYE9

— Inga Rós (@Inga_Ros) April 7, 2016

@Adele i NEED THE TICKET FOR BARCELONAAA!! I NEED TO SEE ADELE BEFORE SHE RETIRES ???????????? #AdeleLive2016 #AdeleBarcelona #AdeleSpain

— ✖️ (@sorathings) April 8, 2016

UFC 193: Rosey vs. Holm

The record-holder in the sport industry, UFC 193, was held at the Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium. It became the most attended UFC event in the company’s history, hosting 56,214 visitors who came to watch the fight between two famous mixed martial artists, Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm. Assuming that the event is not very cheap, the seats were gone quickly and and the best places ($468) sold out within minutes.

The day that changed #AusMMA forever! #UFC193 pic.twitter.com/7fNsrfT9sH

— FightLife.com.au (@FightLife_Store) November 22, 2015

Got my ticket for #UFC193 pic.twitter.com/dQY3ZEXRav

— Seth Down (@SethDown8) September 19, 2015

Waiting for #UFC193 ticket prices to be released. @ufc @EtihadStadiumAU #UFC pic.twitter.com/w7moeJACdW

— Daniella (@_DaniellaJade_) September 1, 2015

San Diego Comic-Con International

In recent years San Diego Comic-Con became a very popular entertainment convention. Each year, the event draws attention of around 130,000 attendees, including not just comic fans, but also many television directors, Hollywood celebrities, and authors. But if you want to visit one of the largest U.S. conventions, you have to be really fast –badges for the four-day event sold out in less than an hour.

The Greatest #COMICON2016 on Earth! #EastCoastComicon 4/16 & 4/17 at the Meadowlands Expo Center! #comics #comicon pic.twitter.com/LmUoyzsNNv

— Sugar Shock Media (@SugarShockMedia) April 7, 2016


To organize a sold out event you have to think about three main components: 

Provide a high-quality performance year after year Set the trend instead of being part of one Unite people in the community for exchange expertise and experience.

Well, there is no surprise BrightonSEO is such a huge hit!

Do you now the other record-holders among public events? Are you lucky enough to visit BrightonSEO this year? Let us know in comments below!

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