With Allinclusive. to your own dedicated team in Serbia.

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You would like to extend your team with qualified software developers or IT staff members in the long term and thereby save time and costs? By building up your own team in Serbia, We offer you a proven nearshoring solution, which enables you to extend your development capacities on a cost-efficient and sustainable basis.

We recruit the desired developers in close collaboration with you and establish them at our nearshore development center in Belgrade.

This is 100% your team. Your employees work just for you, they use your systems and are part of your organisation. You know their salaries, you can compare performance internally, set individual goals and reward good results. In other words, you can manage them (with our full support) the same way as your local in-house employees, with the only difference that they work for you in Belgrade.

In this way you can expand you existing team with own, permanently employed (nearshore-) staff members, but you do not have to care about the administration nor about the infrastructure and can reduce your labour costs significantly at the same time.

Key advantages of Outsourcing to Serbia.

Outsourcing or nearshoring to Serbia offers an opportunity to reduce expenditure without compromising on quality of service. Serbia offers a straightforward and hassle-free solution for cost-effective IT development.


Serbia provides a full classical education in natural and technical sciences which is highly esteemed and recognised internationally. Students undertake a broad range of studies, and display enviable depth of knowledge and remarkable logic- factors which are crucial in providing successful outsourcing services.


Cultural affinity

The people of Serbia have a strong understanding of western culture, both on a personal and business level, thus making written and verbal communication a much more enjoyable experience.


Mathematical proficiency

Serbia prides itself on a strong mathematical and logical background which permeates the culture and is reflected in the education system.



English language is mandatory through the Serbian schooling system for at least eight years, and English language media is widespread in Serbian society.


Good transport connections

Regular direct flights from most major European centers allow clients to visit our Belgrade headquarters with ease.


Close proximity

Belgrade is within two and a half hours from most major European cities (London 2h 30 mins, Berlin 1h 45 mins, Amsterdam 2h 45 mins)