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Key Semrush Product Updates in 2020

Key Semrush Product Updates in 2020

As the digital marketing industry evolves, Semrush always stays at the forefront of market changes. We are constantly perfecting our existing tools and introducing new products that facilitate every marketer’s job and lower the entry bar to winning the digital race.

Before diving into the most significant 2020 updates, though, take a retrospective look at our growth dynamics throughout the past few years:

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We are always expanding our keyword range, as well as the other databases, to make sure our users are armed with the most accurate and relevant data for their marketing decisions. This year, our keyword database grew from 17.6B to 20B. In 2018, it only included 2B keywords - just imagine the 10x growth in two years!

The full list of Semrush latest stats can be found here.

New Tools and Key 2020 Improvements 

With 2020 being one of the most challenging years to date, we focused on the one thing that matters the most - our users, designing software and improving our algorithms to help them grow their online audience across all channels.

Below, you will find all the biggest 2020 updates, each designed to amplify your digital marketing strategy:

New Tools and Key 2020 Improvements  SEO Tools  Bigger Keyword Wins with Revamped Keyword Overview Uncover Hidden Opportunities with Brand New Keyword Gap Domain Overview Now Takes Your Competitor Research Global Get More Link-Building Ideas From Backlink Analytics  On-Target Backlink Audit Position Tracking: Share of Voice and Extended Reporting Capabilities Amplify Your Site With a More Powerful Site Audit Boost Your Local SEO With the Listing Management Tool Competitive Research Tools Traffic Analytics: More Audience Insights and Algorithm Enhancements Get High-Level Market Insights With Market Explorer Content Marketing Tools Content Marketplace Expansion: Order the Content You Need Social Media Tools New Social Media Products Keeping watch on internal analytics  Social media ad management made easy Other Semrush Updates  Find and Win More Clients with Agency Growth Kit Sellzone by Semrush: A Toolbox for Amazon Success Prowly + Semrush = Digital PR Semrush Integrates With Yoast To Power Up Yoast SEO  Over to You

SEO Tools 

Bigger Keyword Wins with Revamped Keyword Overview

The Keyword Overview is a top-level report that offers insights on any keyword/phrase within the Semrush database for a more data-driven keyword strategy. 

With a revamped report, a brand new Keyword Overview is now powering up your marketing efforts with new features: 

To help you evaluate the keyword potential, we rolled out the global volume metric (an estimate of the keyword’s monthly search volume across all countries) with a list of the most popular countries for selected keywords. 

The SERP analysis feature shows the top 100 Google results for the analyzed keyword, along with the key metrics (backlinks, referring domains, search traffic, keywords) per URL.

To bring you more keyword optimization ideas, we tied each keyword with the newly-introduced SERP Features and Questions. 

To save up time and make instant decisions about the keywords’ potential, make use of Bulk Analysis that allows to analyze up to 100 keywords at a time. 

For more efficient keyword strategy management, you can now benefit from easy integration with Keyword Manager.

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Uncover Hidden Opportunities with Brand New Keyword Gap

Keyword Gap is designed to help marketers uncover untapped paid and organic keyword opportunities.

The brand new Keyword Gap tool now offers you a bunch of extremely helpful features:

For finding missing keyword opportunities that can potentially bring enormous impact, check out the Top Opportunities widget and make use of the new quick filters: “tops” and “volume”.

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For an easy workflow, try the new “missing”, “shared”, “unique”, “strong”, and “weak” keyword groupings.

Find more keyword wins by comparing keywords not only by domains, but also by subfolders, and URLs.

Just like the rest of our keyword tools, Keyword Gap has also been integrated with the Keyword Manager.

Domain Overview Now Takes Your Competitor Research Global

Domain Overview offers a bird’s-eye view of any website’s online presence - from search traffic counts and position changes to backlink and keyword profile overviews.

Meet the Worldwide view - one of the most wanted and long-waited features according to our customers’ feedback - that allows you to conduct competitor research and take a sneak peek into a site’s metrics and growth trends on a global level. 

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Sometimes, you don’t need (or want) to evaluate the online presence of an entire site, so we rolled out subdomain- and subfolder-level analysis.

For more efficiency and quicker insights, make use of the newest Compare mode, which provides an opportunity to compare up to five domains simultaneously and spot changes in their organic/paid traffic counts and costs, organic keywords, and backlink profiles.

Get More Link-Building Ideas From Backlink Analytics 

Backlink Analytics helps to monitor and cross-compare competitors’ backlink profiles.

You can find out which broken pages of the competing site receive backlinks and ask the referral’s site owner to replace the link with one leading to your relevant page with the help of the new “target URL error” filter (Indexed Pages report).

On-Target Backlink Audit

Backlink Audit provides a glimpse into your site’s backlink profile and pinpoints any links that send toxic signals to Google to help you avoid penalties. 

This year, the markers that Semrush uses for determining the Toxic Score of each link have become more accurate and advanced.

For an overview of the best-performing pages on your site (in regard to the number of backlinks and share of referral traffic), use the newest Target Pages report that provides insights on active, broken, new, and lost backlinks. For a more thorough analysis, connect your Google Analytics account.

Position Tracking: Share of Voice and Extended Reporting Capabilities

Position Tracking helps to monitor your site’s daily rankings for a select range of target keywords, with the option to set tracking for specific geolocation (down to the hyper-local level) and device type. 

You can now accurately assess the business impact of your SEO efforts based on a new metric - Share of Voice (SoV). While Position Tracking’s Visibility metric is calculated by taking into account a site’s keyword positions, SoV also takes into account selected keywords' search volume and estimated traffic to show the percentage of the market you occupy in regard to tracked keywords.

Identify any self-competition on SERPs with the new Cannibalization report, and improve your content strategy by getting direction for merging competing pages, splitting content, and targeting cannibalizing pages to different keyword clusters.

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With a revamped Devices & Locations report, now you can easily compare various geo-targets on a country-, region-, and city-level, benchmarking visibility performance for various locations if you have multiple business locations within one state. For large businesses with numerous locations, we now allow adding an unlimited number of locations they can track under one project.

You can now choose how often you want to get updates from Position Tracking reports - be they Overview, Rankings Distribution, or Landing Pages reports - with Export scheduling. This feature includes the daily, weekly, or monthly delivery of a detailed spreadsheet (Excel or CSV) with insights from each report.

Amplify Your Site With a More Powerful Site Audit

Site Audit automatically analyzes the health of your website, offering a prioritized list of issues and ideas for improvement. 

Find more site improvement points for an even stronger organic performance, and a chance to get into the SERP features, with our one-of-a-kind Markups report. This quick overview gestures a user-friendly visualization of markup usage and markup implementation errors, enhancing Site Audit’s overall functionality. 

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Boost Your Local SEO With the Listing Management Tool

Listing Management automatically distributes basic business profile data to the most popular online directories, enabling local SEO wins and voice search optimization.

To fit more businesses with more expanded geo, in 2020, we extended the number of available countries to include France and Germany, as well as added more directories across all locations.

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Through a series of significant updates, our users can now benefit from a comprehensive local SEO toolkit:

The Local Rankings report allows you to track your rankings in Google Local Finder. 

Review management offers the capability to respond to customer reviews on Google My Business (GMB) and Facebook directly from the tool.

Local Ranking Heatmap is an advanced Local Ranking report, which accurately tracks your business’s Google Maps positions in a specific location. The report allows tracking for up to five keywords on a hyper-local level, with rankings displayed in a heatmap around your target area. 

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Competitive Research Tools

Traffic Analytics: More Audience Insights and Algorithm Enhancements

Traffic Analytics provides a performance overview for any website, with a breakdown of the site’s top traffic-driving channels, traffic acquisition strategies, and user engagement metrics.

To bring you the most accurate traffic counts data on the market, we have enhanced our traffic estimation algorithm, enabling us to release subdomain-level analysis for various reports. 

You can now compare the audiences of chosen websites, see how competitor audiences overlap with yours, and also, based on audience matches, pick the best partners for various marketing activities with the newest Audience Insights report.

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The Traffic Journey report visualizes the traffic flow and shows which sites users visit before and after they land on the analyzed domain. Use these insights for remarketing to your audience, and for shifting the attention of your competitors’ audiences to your offerings.

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Get High-Level Market Insights With Market Explorer

Market Explorer provides a comprehensive overview of industry trends and key benchmarks, with a list of top players and their market share, as well as in-market audience characteristics.

Explore any selected market’s competitive landscape with the newest Growth Quadrant that shows top industry players (divided into Niche players, Game changers, Leaders, and Established players), and pinpoints market position changes over time.

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For customized market analysis, users now have the option to create a Custom Market where they can add up to 20 domains.

Benchmark a given domain against five other sites, comparing their traffic counts, traffic sources, and key audience characteristics with the newly released Benchmarking Report.

We also significantly extended the Market Explorer’s geo, with the tool now covering 190 regions and countries in total. 

Content Marketing Tools

To analyze your website content from the perspective of buyer journey stages, test our new standalone product for content marketing teams - ImpactHero. The tool can identify your website’s high-performing assets at every stage and offers improvement ideas for the rest of the content.

We also worked on perfecting the recently-introduced Content Marketplace, a Semrush platform for ordering high-quality SEO-driven content from professional copywriters. 

Content Marketplace Expansion: Order the Content You Need

In 2020, users could already benefit from even more on-demand content and copywriting services within Content Marketplace, with product descriptions, email newsletters, press releases, ebooks, and website copy (in British and American English only) now included.

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Based on feedback from users employing the platform’s services on a regular basis, we also rolled out monthly and annual subscription plans. By signing up for a Premium plan, you can now make use of several cool features, including:

A 20% discount for all orders and an unlimited number of content revisions.

Media Stock capabilities that help to find visual content solutions through access to unique high-quality media content - from photos and videos to vector images and icons.

Shared Workspaces, a highly anticipated feature that enables those who work in teams to invite up to three colleagues (and clients, if they have a Semrush account) to collaborate on crafting orders, creating briefs, making content revisions, and leaving feedback. 

Social Media Tools

New Social Media Products

Keeping watch on internal analytics 

If you don’t like to jump from one platform to another in search of internal analytics, meet the new Social Media Analytics tool, which shows performance metrics - new followers, reach, and special engagement metrics - for Facebook and Instagram.

Social media ad management made easy

Fresh out of the oven, the Social Media Ads tool allows users to craft, launch, and manage ads within the entire Facebook family (Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and the Audience Network platforms) directly from Semrush. 

With its user-friendly interface and notifications, you can now run ads without deep-diving into complicated settings, as well as keep track of their performance and take timely action tweaking low-performing ad elements.

Other Semrush Updates 

Find and Win More Clients with Agency Growth Kit

If you’re looking for a solution to cover your agency’s core needs at every stage of your regular workflow with clients - from effective lead generation to smooth final reporting - try the Agency Growth Kit.

The kit includes an agency-tailored set of Semrush features, that help digital marketing agencies attract and retain more clients:

The Agency Partners Platform presents new lead generation opportunities by creating a platform where brands can meet agencies for potential cooperation. After receiving a special certification that demonstrates their proficiency with Semrush tools, agencies get featured on the platform among other players with proven marketing expertise.

With the Agency Growth Kit, you get access to advanced reporting capabilities within My Reports, making use of a whole range of report customization options such as branding, white-label, and more.

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Unlimited Client Manager access helps agencies drop the spreadsheets and automate their customer management routine by adding customer profiles and keeping all the important client data, projects, and reports in one place.

Sellzone by Semrush: A Toolbox for Amazon Success

Sellzone is a smart toolkit specifically designed to help Amazon sellers make the most out of each product listing, and grow their customer base.

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This year, Amazon sellers can make more enhancements to their product listings and attract higher online footfall as Sellzone turns into the ultimate Amazon sales platform with the following new tools:

To help you discover opportunities for scaling your business, we launched  Traffic Insights that helps sellers find new customer sources by evaluating traffic channels for competing Amazon products.

For actionable tips for improving your listing’s performance and growing its visibility, make use of the newest Listing Quality Check that audits the listing’s content for potential suspension threats and Amazon guidelines’ fit.

Listing Protection features an alert system (via SMS or email) that helps sellers instantly address listing changes and traffic loss by monitoring changes in your or your competitors’ prices, keyword positions, listing suppressions, and buy boxes. 

Prowly + Semrush = Digital PR

To amplify our users’ digital PR efforts, in 2020, Semrush acquired Prowly, a fast-growing SaaS public relations startup offering access to over 1 million journalists and influencers, as well as CRM functionality, tailored online newsrooms, email campaigns, and sophisticated PR analytics. All our users can sign up to Prowly with their Semrush credentials. 

Semrush Integrates With Yoast To Power Up Yoast SEO 

Yoast users can now benefit from Semrush’s smart, SEO-focused keyword suggestions and data to create more powerful content, as Yoast SEO, a popular SEO plugin for WordPress, now features tight integration with Semrush’s extensive keyword database and SEO products.

Over to You

Our constant drive for improvement is tied to our users’ strive for growth and market wins, and each year, we are working on delivering best-in-class solutions that have your digital needs covered.

This post highlights only the major 2020 product updates, but we perform minor tweaks to our tools on a regular basis. 

If you have any enhancement thoughts - or even some crazy ideas - do share them with us, as our product changes are always feedback-driven and you have a real chance to make a difference to our 2021 roadmap.

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