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7 Elements of a Successful B2B Website

7 Elements of a Successful B2B Website

How do you know if your B2B website is a success? You can judge it by a number of criteria, such as the amount of traffic you’re getting from new visitors. But the most telling benchmark should be the number of leads generated. If you’re not getting many leads from your site, it may be missing one of these seven key elements for modern web design.

7 Must-Haves for Your B2B Website

#1: Keywords

One reason you may not be getting leads is due to a lack of traffic. If your prospect searches Google and finds your competitor’s website instead of your own, that’s a lost sale. Don’t make the mistake of optimizing for high volume, competitive keywords. Focus instead on long-tail keywords that are brand, category and product specific and include these phrases in your content.

#2: Unique Selling Proposition

Can someone tell right away WHY they should buy from your company when they visit your website? You only have a few seconds to grab someone's interest. Your prospect wants to know, “What’s in it for me?” Be clear about what you have to offer, and why your company’s product or service is the best solution for your target audience’s problem.

#3: About Us Page

Why is an “About Us” page important for a B2B company? This page is one of the most viewed on your website. It’s a chance for your prospects to learn more about your company, and help them decide whether or not they want to do business with you. That doesn’t mean this page should read like a boring press release. It’s ok to show some personality, especially if you’re in an industry where it would make sense. The About Us page should include credibility boosters, and explain your company’s value proposition.

#4: Adaptive Web Design

It’s a fact of life today that businesses can’t rely on people to view their site on a laptop or desktop only. The mobile revolution has changed how people access the web. Companies are now getting 25%, 30%, or even 50% of their traffic from smartphones and tablets. That means you may need to have a website built using CSS and HTML5, so the site automatically changes its layout and orientation depending on the size of screen it’s being viewed on. An adaptive website allows every visitor to view the same content and have the same experience, whether they’re using a laptop or an iPhone.

#5: Calls to Action / Landing Pages

This might seem obvious, but if you want to generate leads on your website, you must include some kind of “call to action.” CTAs should be carefully placed around your site, with each one leading to a custom landing page for each offer. Since the B2B sales process usually takes longer than a B2C transaction, your CTAs should lead your buyer to a logical next step.

A landing page should be short and to the point. Don’t ask your prospect for too much personal information either. Completion rates fall for every field you add to the landing page form. Ask for the bare minimum of information needed for your sales team to follow up efficiently.

#6: Free Offers / White Papers

One way to improve the click through rate of your CTA is to give your prospect an incentive to provide their email address to your company. Many B2B companies offer a free weekly or monthly e-newsletter that provides useful tips about their product or service. This incentive isn’t quite as powerful as it used to be, since many people sign up for newsletters, only to find them clogging up their email inboxes. As an added incentive, you could offer a special report or white paper that explains how their product or service solves your prospect’s problem. Technology companies also frequently offer live demonstrations, free trials and video tours of their products as lead generating tools.

#7: Social Media Integration

The last key to making your B2B website a lead generating machine is social media integration. Your blog and other web content should be available for easy sharing across a variety of social media platforms, especially LinkedIn. The goal is to encourage discussions with your prospects about your company in as many places as possible. The more conversations you engage in, the more likely your prospect will be to buy from you.

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