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What's New in Semrush [January 2020]

What's New in Semrush [January 2020]

A month ago, we told you about all the major improvements to Semrush tools over the last year; now we are back with our regular monthly digest, What's New in Semrush. 

Since the end of last year, we have been working to make your experience with Semrush more comfortable and safe. So, we have added a two-factor authentication option to better protect your personal data. To enable it, go to the “2-Factor Authentication” tab in your Profile settings, and switch the slider.

After activating the option, you will get a code via email each time you log in to your account; type in the code to enter.

New Scoring: Authority Score and Site Health More About Link Building: Notifications and Formatting of Your Emails Big Changes in the Keyword Research Flow More in Organic Research: Meet the SERP Features  Google Data Studio Connectors in Semrush Tools  More in Position Tracking: Keyword Import Option Growth of Business: Lead Generation, Growth Quadrant More About Competitive Intelligence Add-on: Updated Top Pages Report in Traffic Analytics Help for Your Business: Local SEO, Reporting Content Marketing: New Features of the Marketplace More Useful Content: Digital Marketing and SEO Learning with SEMrush

New Scorings: Authority Score and Site Health

1. Site Health in Site Audit

A new Site Health Score has appeared in the Site Audit tool. It has replaced the Total Score. With it, you can not only compare the domains you track and tell which is technically better but now you can also compare your site health with the industry average score based on more than 1000 different sites in each industry (use the Site Health widget in the Overview report).

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What is Site Health in the Site Audit tool?

The Site Health Score is a percentage between 0% and 100%, which represents how healthy a website is. The score is based on the number of total errors and total warnings that were found on the pages crawled on the site. Errors have more impact on your Site Health Score than warnings, so it is recommended that you address errors first, if you can. 

Tracking the Site Health Score lets you see the progress of your SEO campaigns or website repairs, report for your client, or a colleague, and make comparisons with other domains in your industry. 

If you want to compare the new Site Health to the Total Score, you can still do this in the Progress report until March 1, 2020.

Manual: How is Site Health Score calculated in the Site Audit tool? 

2. Authority Score in Backlink Analytics

We have been suggesting the use of several scores to evaluate the quality of backlinks in Backlink Analytics for a while: Domain Score, Domain Trust Score, Page Score, and Page Trust Score. 

Then, we developed the Authority Score, which combined all the above-mentioned scores and a massive amount of data. 

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So, going forward, we have decided to keep the Authority Score for domains and the Authority Page Score for pages as a comprehensive score for evaluating the domain backlink profile. 

What is Authority Score in Backlink Analytics?

Using the score, you can compare the trust levels of multiple websites and evaluate which domain’s link profile will send the most link weight when linking to other sites. I.e., you can understand how beneficial a backlink from a referring domain is to a website’s SEO. The score is based on a scale of 1 to 100, so the closer the Authority Score is to 100, the better.

Manual: What is the Authority Score?

More About Link Building: Notifications and Formatting of Your Emails

Don’t miss notifications from the Link Building tool about your backlinks. From now on, they will be even more packed with useful data: new answers to your emails, earned backlinks, follow-ups, as well as information on your prospects and how to start working with them. When sending emails from the In Progress tab of the Link Building tool, you can now format your emails to make them more attractive: insert links, add lists, and highlight important information in bold.

Big Changes in the Keyword Research Flow

Besides the fact that the number of keywords in our database has now exceeded 18.3B, we are also pleased to announce that we have released the new workflow for Keyword Research: the revamped Keyword Magic tool and new Keyword Manager tool.

Keyword Manager has replaced the Keyword Analyzer. Keyword Manager will increasingly allow the collection of keywords not only from the Keyword Magic tool but also from other keyword tools. To date, integration with Keyword Manager has been added to the Positions and Position Changes reports of Organic Research. 

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After collecting keywords, you can get the most recent metrics and send the keywords directly to the Position Tracking tool and PPC Keyword tool or export custom lists of keywords.

News: Keyword Research: New, More Efficient Workflow

More in Organic Research: Meet the SERP Features 

We have added a new column to the Positions report of Organic Research — SERP Features. It shows the SERP Features that can appear on Google results for each keyword, and in which cases the analyzed domain appears in the SERP Feature. 

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You can sort the report by clicking on the SERP Feature icon. Alternatively, you can sort the results by SERP Features using the refined filtering at the top of the report. Since the update, the filter contains 24 different features to track; you can view keywords that have or don’t have a feature on their SERP, and find keywords where the analyzed domain ranks or doesn't rank in SERP features.

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Google Data Studio Connectors in Semrush Tools 

Integration with Google Data Studio is one of the most appreciated features by our users. There are 2 separate connection points from Semrush: one for pulling data from Domain Analytics, the second for Position Tracking. Domain Analytics lets you search statistics on any domain in the Semrush database, and Position Tracking lets you track rankings for a custom set of target keywords.

If you have never created custom reports in Google Data Studio using Semrush data, then take a look at the example report: 

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 Google Data Studio: New Reports

1. Backlink Analytics data in the Domain Analytics connector.

There are three new reports in our Google Data Studio connector that grab the data from Backlink Analytics:

Backlinks: Overview — to get different overall metrics, like Authority Score, number of backlinks, referring domains/IPs, distribution by types/link attributes. Backlinks: Top Referring Domains — to get the top 100 referring domains by Authority Score or the number of backlinks. Backlinks: History — to get historical trends by the number of backlinks during the last 12 months, and the number of new/lost backlinks.

2. Domain History report in the Domain Analytics connector.

There is also a new report in the Domain Analytics connector called Domain History. With its help, you can get historical data for the last 12 months on the number of organic and advertising keywords, traffic, and traffic cost. 

3. Google Data Studio button in Position Tracking.

With this new button in the Position Tracking interface, you can create a Google Data Studio report, and all the main fields will be automatically filled for you. There are two reports you can create using this option:

Landscape: Visibility/Avg.Position/Est.Traffic Overview: Rankings Table. The feature is available on a Business subscription only. 

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Instruction: Integrating SEMrush with Google Data Studio 

More in Position Tracking: Keyword Import Option 

If you have an excellent keyword database in one Position Tracking campaign, and you need to transfer it to another campaign or a new project, you can now import keywords not only from the current project but from any created campaign.

In other words, if you expand your business to a new location and use the multitargeting option, you import keywords from the first campaign of the project, and if you create a new project, now you can import keywords from another project into it.

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Growth of Business: Lead Generation, Growth Quadrant

Lead Generation with OPPTY

We have added filters in OPPTY so that you can independently influence the quality and quantity of data received. Using them, you can filter out the leads that don't meet your requirements, for example, exclude domains that have a too low advertising budget. Thus, you will get exactly what you need in no time. 

In addition, we have improved the quality of leads you get with OPPTY: 

When downloading leads now, you get the contacts of the marketing department specifically, so you can get in touch immediately with the right person. We have improved the algorithm in such a way that it now removes branches of large companies (since their business decisions are most probably taken in head offices), so now when you order leads, you get exclusively local businesses.

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Growth Quadrant in Market Explorer

Growth Quadrant is a nice visual widget in Market Explorer, which gives you the opportunity to get a competitive landscape for top players in your market. 

Growth Quadrant divides companies in your industry into four segments:

Niche Players — the domains that have a smaller market share relative to the rest and are slowly growing or not growing at all. These can be new companies, niche local players, or even old players that haven’t been very successful recently — or the selected country is not their main market. Game Changers — their market share is small, but the growth rate is much higher than the market average; these can be startups, companies with good investments, or large companies entering the market. Leaders — their market share is significant, and their traffic continues to grow very actively. Established Players — companies that own a significant part of the whole market, but their traffic growth isn't high enough compared to market growth — it is small or even going down.

Knowing where your competitors are located on the Growth Quadrant will allow you to build a competitive strategy and highlight the companies you should look at to understand how you should move in the market.

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News:  Semrush Growth Quadrant: Make Sense of the Competitive Landscape

More About Competitive Intelligence Add-on: Updated Top Pages Report in Traffic Analytics

We have updated the view of the Top Pages report in Traffic Analytics. You can see all the metrics of top pages in a table: unique page views, unique visitors, entrance sources (total, direct, referral, search engines, social media, and paid ads). And to make it easy for you to visualize entrance sources data, we have created a pie chart that you can access by clicking on the arrow to the left. 

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Help for Your Business: Local SEO, Reporting

Listing Management

First of all, welcome the  Listing Management tool in France and Germany!

News:  Listing Management: Available in Germany and France

The second great news in the new Overview report. The new Overview allows the gathering of information on multiple locations and listings in one place, and working easily with them. To improve your local visibility, pay attention to the actionable tips on what has to be added, changed, or fixed (click on “Show tasks”). You can also sort the results by specific business.

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There are some widgets in the Overview report: 

Location status — shows the distribution of locations by their status;  Directories distribution — displays statuses by location, with the most problematic ones on top; Location status: map — the map presents locations with the status “complete”, places them by state, and shows the performance of these locations using colors; Optimize your listing performance — displays the most incomplete profiles, and instructs you on what to do first; Local reputation, Duplicates, Suggestions — these widgets present the latest reviews, duplicates, and suggestions.

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Share Created Templates in My Reports

If you are working in a team, this will be really great news for you, because we know that you have been waiting for it. Now, if one of your team members creates a template, they can share it with a whole team, so that other team members can re-use a cool template without spending time on creating it from scratch.

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The sharing feature is available for Business subscriptions, and the templates can be shared with paid users only. To share the report, use the gear icon under the My Templates section in My Reports and click share.

News: My Reports: Share Your Templates

Content Marketing: New Features of the Marketplace

We are happy to inform you that we have added more amazing features to our Marketplace, the place where you can order traffic-driving content for your website. 

Here is the list of new features that you can access via the new subscription: 

Favorite writers — choose writers you would like to work with again. Projects — group your orders and templates according to the topic, campaign, or client. Bulk payment — make just one transaction for several purchases. Brief templates — create brief templates and use them for your future orders. You can specify your domain, target audience, competitors, and so on. Article revision — request an unlimited number of revisions of your article, and its title and meta description. White-label content approval links — share an article with your colleagues or clients via a white-label link to let them directly review it. Express order — once a month, you can request your article to be written in half the usual time.

And we have great news for those who have already tried Marketplace — the subscription will be available for you free of charge for 2 months! 

And if you haven’t tried it, you can do so right now: purchase the subscription for only $40, and order quality content of any complexity to market your business. 

News: New Possibilities with the Content Marketplace Subscription

More Useful Content: Digital Marketing and SEO Learning with Semrush

Don’t miss our Help Center, News, Blog, Webinars, Ebooks, and Academy — they are now grouped under “Resources”.

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Read the recent updates in each section:

Help Center — Quick Start Guide News — Keyword Research: New, More Efficient Workflow Blog — 12 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for 2020 Webinars — How to Get Started with Semrush (February 11th) Ebooks — In Data We Trust Academy — Mobile SEO Course with Greg Gifford

We have also launched the third season of our Marketing Scoop Podcast, your weekly source of case-based stories about marketing growth from local to global brands like Google, Vodafone, SAP, IKEA, Uber, and many more. 

What do you think about our January updates? Share your comments bellow!

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