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What B2B Digital Marketing Agency do?

What B2B Digital Marketing Agency do?

These companies specialize in strategies and channels that attract business decision-makers and influence their purchase decisions.

The most common B2B digital marketing services are:

  • SEO
  • Paid advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Content creation
  • Social media management
  • And more

B2B-digital-marketing-agencies 95% of consumers would provide their name, company and email address to a business in exchange for content

Top Channels For Digital Marketing Agencies Use For B2B Businesses

As they power through their daily tasks and responsibilities, attracting your audience’s attention at the workplace is becoming increasingly difficult.

But this is the reality of B2B marketing.

B2B digital marketing agencies specialize in optimizing your organization’s online presence and meeting your busy target market at the convenient points of their daily online journeys.

Some of the most effective digital marketing channels for B2B online marketing are:

Channel #1: Blogs

Companies that blog have the chance to become an authority in their industries, improve their exposure and rank better on search.

By targeting popular topics in their niche and incorporating the right keywords, B2B digital marketing agencies can help brands reach the right audiences and get more quality leads.

Channel #2: SEO

57% of B2B marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative. (HubSpot)

Meet your target market in search.

Companies that optimize their content for SEO can intercept their prospective clients in search.

This non-intrusive pull tactic results in web traffic and qualified lead increase.

Channel #3: Social Media

80% of B2B leads come via LinkedIn. (LinkedIn)

With the rise of professional communities like LinkedIn, B2B businesses’ have gained valuable channels to reach their highly targeted markets.

Business leaders who invest in personal brand building and companies who build strong social media presence through organic and paid campaigns generate more leads and see more conversions than those who don’t.

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How Do B2B Digital Marketing Companies Form Their Cost And Pricing Range?

The cost of B2B digital marketing agencies’ services depends on:

  • Location
  • Expertise
  • Reputation
  • Project scope

These agencies offer different pricing models, including:

  • Hourly rates
  • Monthly rates
  • Project-based rates

Most of these companies charge between $100 and $175 per hour, while the average project cost tends to exceed $10,000.

B2B-digital-marketing-agency B2B digital marketing agencies charge between $100 and $175 per hour

Top 5 Reasons To Hire A B2B Digital Marketing Agency For Your B2B Business

Here are the top five reasons why you should consider investing in a B2B digital marketing agency:

Reason #1: Leverage Their Expert Knowledge

Professional digital marketing agencies for B2B businesses are fully immersed in the field. They know the tested tactics that your company can benefit from but also the trends and the changes that occur rapidly.

Working with them allows you to leave everything to the experts. They know what works and what doesn’t and they can bring you qualified leads the best.

Reason #2: Gain Access To Premium Tools

The best tools on the market cost. While professional agencies can afford to have them, you can use this opportunity to rely on them for business growth.

These tools not only boost their productivity and performance, but they also allow them to improve their strategies and push you a step ahead of your competition.

Reason #3: Manage Your Budget Successfully

Normally, B2B digital marketing agencies take care of the marketing spend that companies place with social media platforms and Google.

They know exactly which type of ads to run based on your business needs, what’s the right amount to be spent and also have the tools to carry out these tasks more efficiently.

Reason #4: Increase Your Productivity

Online marketing encompasses many processes that can be quite time-consuming. It would take months to learn about its integral parts and train your team to help you achieve your goals.

Working with a professional marketing company, on the other hand, will save you lots of time and effort and allow you to focus on running your business. This will increase your productivity and focus on growing your company from the inside.

Reason #5: Stay Relevant In Your Industry

Research is one of the most important parts of online marketing. It allows you to target the right kind of audience and bring quality leads to your website.

No matter whether you are optimizing your website for SEO or doing social media campaigns, research is inevitable. It’s what helps you stay relevant in your industry.

These experts know your target market, your competition and the environment you operate in well. And they have the necessary tools to keep your business abreast of relevant developments.


How To Choose The Best B2B Digital Marketing Company For Your Business?

Our list is a great place to start your research as the ranked B2B digital marketing agencies have been carefully vetter by our expert analysts.

To continue and expand your search, pay attention to:

  • Agency location: This is particularly important for businesses that expect to meet with their online marketing partners frequently, whether on or off-site.
  • Industry experience: Agencies with previous industry experience will have the insight and know-how that can yield better results, faster.
  • Services: B2B digital marketing agencies offer different services and foster different types of expertise. Determine your requirement and look for a partner with the right skillset.
  • Culture fit: From management styles to communication habits, each agency is unique. Find a partner that complements your company culture.
  • Cost: Agency rates will vary based on location, expertise and other factors. Set a marketing budget, including agency fees and third-party subscriptions, to find an agency that can deliver the most value for your investment.

10 Questions To Ask B2B Digital Marketing Agencies Before You Hire One

Here are the top 10 questions to ask every B2B digital marketing agency before you make your choice:

Question #1: What Is Your Core Expertise?

Different marketing agencies specialize in different areas. Some offer 360° services, while others build deep expertise in single-channel strategies like SEO, PPC and social media.

If you need a more comprehensive set of services, you should focus on full-service, i.e. 360° agencies. However, if you look for highly specialized expertise then you should look for domain experts.

Question #2: Have You Worked With Clients In Our Industry?

Experts who have a deep understanding of your business environment will better comprehend your needs.

These agencies know your audience, understand your challenges and can help you identify market opportunities to gain competitive advantage and also accelerate the delivery of the desired results.

Question #3: How Would You Describe Your Company Culture?

Particularly if you are looking to build a long-term relationship with your digital marketing partner, try to understand their company culture. This includes their management style, approach to client relations and more.

All these questions will help you get a grasp of whether these specialists share the same values as your business or not.

Only you can tell what is the best fit for your company, and you should pick a partner with whom you can build a long-term relationship.

Question #4: How Would You Describe Your Organizational Setup? Are Your Teams In-house Or Disbursed?

Many B2B digital marketing companies are building geographically dispersed teams to reduce their costs and also gain access to a bigger talent pool.

And, if you are handing your project over to such an agency, you need to discuss several important factors.

Think about how the time difference and language barriers would affect your communication and collaboration if there are any. Also, consider the fact that you may share different company values.

Finally, make sure the partner you choose understands your country’s data protection laws to keep your data handling practices compliant with the relevant regulations.

Question #5: Do You Use Any Tools For Management And Automation?

A professional digital marketing agency always relies on different tools that help them automate and better manage their processes.

It is important to choose a partner that uses such tools since they not only boost their productivity but they also provide deeper insights and allow them to refine their strategies.

Question #6: How Would Our Teams Work Together To Achieve Our Goals?

One of the key factors that can influence your project’s success is a healthy collaboration.

A professional agency should understand this, create a plan of action and consider your involvement.

They should also walk you through monthly reports during your meetings and together you should discuss the effectiveness of their strategy and your brand performance.

Question #7: Who Will Work On Our Project?

When you are ready to make your choice, it is good to know which team members will work on your project as well as who will be the leader.

This will help also you understand whether your agency has in-house professionals or they outsource their client work to offshore experts.

Question #8: How Do You Stay On Top Of The Latest Trends In Digital Marketing?

The best B2B digital marketing companies should be always up-to-date with the latest trends since these can help them to stay relevant in this noisy market.

They should also have access to premium tools and technologies which they can take advantage of to provide you with better results.

Question #9: When Could We Expect To See Results?

You should be careful and stay away from digital specialists that offer quick results or suspiciously high returns on investment.

When it comes to digital marketing, sometimes it may take months to see an outcome.

Question #10: How Would We Monitor Your Performance?

Ask how you will measure the effectiveness of the strategies your company implements. You are investing your money in them, so you also have the right to track their progress and performance.
So, see whether you will use a project management tool that will help you see how well these experts meet the assigned deadline or they will report using other methods.

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5 Signs That You’ve Partnered With A Good B2B Marketing Agency

Here are the top five signs that can assure you’ve hired a good B2B digital marketing company:

Sign #1: They Are Data-Driven

A professional agency bases its decisions, recommendations and strategies on data rather than instinct or vague experience.

It collects insights based on consumer interactions and engagements so that it can forecast future behaviors and create customized campaigns while reaching the right audience.

Sign #2: They Are Flexible

In digital marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. And industry trends constantly change.

If the company you’ve hired is up-to-date with the current methods and relies on the latest tools and technologies on the market, it can maximize results and generate higher ROI.

Sign #3: They Focus On Long-Term Results

A good B2B digital marketing agency will tell you that campaigns are important, but they cannot give you success in the long term. They only help you achieve short term goals.

However, the primary goal of every B2B business is to build a reputation and create a strong brand image. In other words, the right agency will create a strategy that delivers continuity and helps you grow your business.

Sign #4: They Encourage Customer Relationship

The best B2B digital marketing companies will nurture the relationship with their clients and invest in long term partnerships rather than just doing business.

They will keep a positive attitude, share their ideas and strategies, be responsive, request feedback and ensure your involvement in the project.

Sign #5: They Provide You With Analytical Reports

Finally, you know that you’ve hired a good company if it shares meaningful data with you.

They should measure the effectiveness of their strategies, campaigns and tactics and tell you how well your brand is progressing.

B2B-digital-marketing-companies 80% of B2B leads come via LinkedIn

5 Effective Strategies Your B2B Digital Marketing Agency Should Create For Your Business

There are many digital marketing methods that can help you reach a specific audience and drive quality traffic to your website.

And the agency you hire should understand your business needs and goals and develop and implement effective tactics that will bring you measurable results.

Here are the top five digital marketing strategies that your partner should incorporate to help your business grow successfully:

Strategy #1: Search Engine Optimization

87% of people now look for products or services online. (RetailDive)

The digital marketer you hire should follow the best practices to optimize your website so that it is visible for these searchers.

A professionally devised SEO strategy will make your website discoverable and organically place your products or services in front of the right target audience.

Strategy #2: Content Marketing

95% of consumers would provide their name, company and email address to a business in exchange for content. (Demand Gen Report)

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to target the right audience, generate high-quality traffic and increase your conversions.

People want to be educated. And when you give them content that is useful and valuable for them, they get to trust you enough to share their personal info.

The B2B digital marketing agency you hire will create different content for every stage of the sales funnel.

Most of the buyers rely on digital content to make a decision on a business, product or service. This is why your partner needs to understand their needs well and provide them with content that answers their questions and solves their problems.


Strategy #3: Social Media Marketing

While social media may not be the place where most of the clients of B2B businesses convert, it is a powerful tool that offers many advantages.

Being active on social platforms is a great way to increase your trustworthiness. Especially now when people look into LinkedIn or Facebook to collect more info.

These channels also help you improve brand awareness, drive traffic to your website and nurture existing relationships.

So, your partner should focus on creating posts that perform the best for B2B businesses.

They include:

  • Case studies and testimonials
  • Industry research
  • Blog posts
  • Upcoming webinars and other events
  • Industry statistics
  • “How to” videos
  • And more

Social media is often overlooked by B2B companies. However, partnering with the right digital marketing agency and creating an effective strategy can accelerate your business growth.

Strategy #4: Email Marketing

93% of B2B marketers use email. (HubSpot)

For B2B digital marketing companies, email marketing is the most successful channel for content distribution and brand promotion.

it is still one of the most effective ways to educate your prospects and customers about new products or services as well as send insights or deals.

Unlike other digital strategies, this type of marketing helps you keep in touch with your clients on a consistent basis.

By developing a customized email marketing strategy, your professional agency will help you create strong relationships and build trust and loyalty, which ultimately results in a boost in sales.

Strategy #5: PPC Campaigns

PPC campaigns allow your business to target a better audience to which you can promote your products or services.

Since one of the primary goals of B2B companies is to generate quality leads, PPC ads allow them to continually grow their business by targeting a specific audience that is more likely to convert.

So, your partner will be able to select a target market of different ages, locations, languages, income, education and more.

Depending on your budget, you can discuss how much you can allocate for such ads with your agency and together decide how often or how long to run them.

Found A B2B Digital Marketing Agency? Take These Last Steps Before Signing The Contract

A long-term collaboration will not only yield better results, but also a greater return on your digital marketing investment.

To build a solid foundation for your partnership, focus on transparency early on.

Before signing the contract with one of the best B2B digital marketing agencies:

  • Clarify your expectations
  • Clarify each party’s responsibilities
  • Negotiate the rates and terms
  • Outline these in a contract or other form of a legal agreement

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